Creating a Travel Video or Slideshow with Movavi Video Suite

Whenever you travel your digital camera or smartphone probably ends up packed to the brim with photos and videos by the time you get back. While you could simply upload all that content into an album or select certain photos to share with your friends and family while storing the rest, don’t you think it would be nice to compile them all into a travel video or slideshow?


If you want to do that but aren’t sure how then Movavi Video Suite is the perfect starting point. It is a complete video-making software that will give you everything you need to create a travel video or slideshow from the photos and videos that you recorded.

Since you already have the video footage and photos stored on your devices, all you need to do is transfer them to your PC and load them into Movavi Video Suite to get started. If you want you will even be able to supplement that with additional footage that can be recorded via a webcam, or by capturing your screen.

In this case you may not need to do so, and can instead focus on processing and then polishing the video that you want to create. Within Movavi Video Suite you’ll find ample features to do just that, and you can use them to:

  • Cut your video into segments to remove any parts you don’t need.
  • Merge video clips together and arrange the sequence in which they appear.
  • Improve the video quality by tweaking the color settings automatically or manually, and fixing any issues such as shaky or blurry video segments.
  • Link segments of video together using animated transitions so that the video flows smoothly.
  • Apply a variety of different video effects and filters to create a unique appearance for your video.
  • Add audio tracks to include background music from your own library or the in-built selection as well as voiceovers that can be recorded on the spot.
  • Adjust the audio levels and equalize the sound.
  • Insert text fields and customize its style, font, size and other appearance parameters to create unique captions, titles or watermarks.

When you are done and satisfied with the travel video that you’ve created you can save it in any format you require. In fact Movavi Video Suite even has hundreds of built-in presets that you can use to automatically optimize your video for any device or platform.

As you can see, creating a travel video or travel slideshow with Movavi Video Suite is really quite straightforward. Just add the photos and videos that you want to incorporate, and the tools it places at your disposal will let you transform it into a stunning video.

Securing Internet When Traveling

If you are worried about exposing yourself while travelling, you need to secure your internet and the way to do this is via a Virtual Private Network or VPN.  Since you will be on hotel WiFi during your stay there, VPN can ensure that your important or sensitive data remains private.  This happens because your initial IP address is basically replaced with that of your VPN provider.  As such, you get a new IP address from one of their gateway cities.  If you are travelling to Hong Kong for example, you can get and IP address that makes it appear as if you are still in the US city in which you reside, or any other for that matter.

If you are looking to enjoy US television from a country abroad, a VPN may come in handy for some of the geo-blocked websites.  It is important to know though, that there are some websites that have blocked VPN access such as Dramafever and Hulu.  However, using a smart DNS provider you can still bypass that geo block and watch your favorite shows. VPN has several advantages over DNS as follows:

  1. Works with many ISP – DNS tends not to work with many different ISP especially those that have a transparent proxy. You may find that it works today and tomorrow it fails to work.  VPN is able to work with many different ISPs.
  2. Works well with Hotel WiFi – If you are travelling and using Hotel WiFi you may find that it is not compatible with smart DNS. This makes it impossible to watch your shows.  VPN can help you get pass this particular problem.
  3. Works with Apps and Devices that have embedded public DNS – Smart DNS is not able to work with such unless you block the public DNS directly from the router which can be complicated. VPN works well with these.
  4. Unblocks websites that are unsupported by DNS – Whereas DNS is not able to access websites that are unsupported, VPN is able to do it in the blink of an eye.

If you are worried that setting up a Virtual Private Network is too difficult, perish the thought!  It is simple.  All you have to do is put in your username and the server address.  You can do this with your smartphone and other devices with ease.  You will find that there are service providers that will offer you a paid VPN service and others offering a free service.  Pick what works for you.

Top Cultural Holiday destinations in India

The cultural diversity and ethnicity of India has been intriguing travellers from all across the world. India is a country of rich history and traditions and its various cultural destinations will surely enthral you. We have listed the top cultural destinations in India that you must visit.

Varanasi: If you are looking for a spectacular blend of colours, spirituality and traditions, visit Varanasi, one of the most sacred places in the world. The city is an assortment of diverse cultures and religion and you would come across a melodious blend of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Varanasi is populated on the shores of holy Ganga river and houses numerous temples, ghats, vibrating markets, ashrams and meditation centres. Make sure to attend the evening Aarti at Ganga ghat which is truly an amazing experience. The place is also renowned for its artistic sarees and classical musicians.

Jaipur: Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and showcases the intriguing cultural heritage and history of the bygone era. Also known as the The Pink City, it is acclaimed for its spectacular forts and palaces and rich traditions that reverberate with the royalties and valour of the erstwhile kings. For a memorable trip to the land of royalty, do not miss to explore places like HawaMahal and City palace, relish lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine and shop in the bustling markets. Jaipur can be reached after 5 hours drive from Delhi. The best mode of travel is by hiring one of reliable intercity cabs in Delhi.

Kolkata: Kolkata is called the cultural Capital of India is hailed as one of the best cultural destinations in the country. It is world renowned for its literary and artistic heritage that is visible in its rich culture and traditions. From literature to food, sweets, sports, music, sports, films, festivals and much more, Kolkata city breathes culture. Durga Puja is the most famous festival in Kolkata and has gained great cultural significance globally.

Mysore: Also known as the City of Palaces, it is the one of the top cultural destinations in India. The illustrious past and cultural heritage of the Wodeyar dynasty is depicted through its grand palaces, temples, monuments and festivals which are the prominent attractions of Mysore. Make sure to taste the Mysore Pak, the famous delicacy of the city and buy the exotic Mysore silk sarees. Mysore is a popular weekend destination from Bangalore and people generally travel by hiring taxis from reputed service providers like Savaari car rentals.

Mahabalipuram: Housing spectacular monolithic sculptures and wonderful rock carvings, Mahabalipuram is among the most popular cultural destinations in India. The awe inspiring monuments, sculptures and carvings exemplifies the artisans’ creativity and craftsmanship, and the rich culture prevailing during that era. Shore Temple, PanchaRathas, Arjuna’s Penance are the most popular attractions in Mahabalipuram.

Delhi: Delhi is an amazing mix of old traditions and values and modern lifestyles. It is a pot-pourri of diverse cultures as people from different parts of the country have come and settled in the capital city of India. You can witness rich cultural exuberance and heritage in Old Delhi that will transport you to the era of the Mughals. The grand forts, palaces and tombs are landmarks of Delhi’s lovely heritage. Explore the bustling bazaars of ChandniChowk and relish the authentic North Indian cuisine and warm hospitality of this vibrant city.

Madurai: It is the cultural hub of the Tamil Nadu and boasts of a rich cultural heritage that has been passed on over an era of more than 2500 years. Madurai is world renowned for its Meenakshi Temple that attracts travellers from across the globe. The city’s cultural euphoria is also portrayed in its colourful festivals.

Easy-to-Follow Guide on What Website Hosting Is and how it Works

If you are looking into creating a business website or expanding your web presence, one of the words that you will encounter is hosting, and particularly website hosting. It is important to understand how hosting works to ensure that you ultimately make the right decision for your business.

What exactly is website hosting?

Simply put, website hosting is a space to store website. Just like a warehouse or closet space, a website host stores computer files including documents, HTML, videos and images. A web host in particular refers to a company that rents out space on a server where clients can store their websites.

Types of web hosting

There are four essential types of web hosting. These are shared dedicated, could hosting and virtual private server (VPS).

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting options for its low-cost and effectiveness particularly for small businesses. As the name suggests, multiple websites ranging from a few hundreds to a few thousands are hosted on the same server.

Cloud hosting is largely used for big businesses and organization. Hosting in this case typically involves multiple interconnected servers (known as the cloud) working together to host multiple websites. This type of hosting is able to easily handle traffic spikes and high traffic because of its unlimited capabilities.

Dedicated hosting means that the server you rent exclusively serves your website and offers all-out control over the server. This type of hosting is ideal for businesses that need optimum server performance and maximum server control.


Lastly, virtual private servers are basically one large server that is divided into compartments. This means that each business is hosted on its own dedicated server although it is part of a larger unit. This option offers better hosting security and more control over the personal virtual space. This is a good option for smaller businesses that need server control but cannot afford a dedicated server.

Domain name

A domain name is basically the name of a website. A domain is critical to how hosting works. The domain name identifies a business website much like a human or business name. A domain registrar is responsible for providing website owners with domain names.

There is a difference between a domain name and web hosting, and the two should not be confused. To put it simply, a domain name is like a physical address of a home while the web hosting is the actual house and everything in it.

Bali, Top Destination in Asia

Indonesia is a well-known tour destination around the globe, The undisputed favorite of Indonesia’s more than 17,000 islands  but Bali is the island in Indonesia it is famous for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. this city is famous as religious city because of different temples and the one of the famous temple is Cliffside Uluwatu Temple. Bali lives up to its famous as the quintessential tropical paradise.

The waters around Bali are known for its high aquatic range and coral reefs while the lush rice terraces provide a charming background to its colorful and deeply religious Hindu civilization. The island is home to religious sites such as Cliffside Uluwatu Temple. in the south of Bali, the beachside city of Kuta has sparkling bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort of this area. as well as other areas, such as Ubud, which are known for performing and artistic arts. The island is also recognized for its yoga exercises and meditation retreat. Bali is the most popular destination in Asia during this year.

The resort island of Bali, has been chosen by famous US travelling assessor website TripAdvisor as the most popular year-end destination in all over the Asia. The newest worldwide appreciation for Bali has made Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Mr. Arief Yahya is positive about meeting the target for number of international and loaca visitors this year — at the start they set at 12 million revenue from this industry,. The Indonesian government is now creating ten new tour places  across the country, named as New Bali, which are probable to measure up to with Bali in terms of magnetize visitors.

The President of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo has earlier assured to enhance  funds approximate up to five times higher to further boost up tourism industry which has been announced as the core business for locales. Bali offers various tourism magnetism comprise adventure, undersea activities, tourism sports activities, traditional and cultural  events and beautiful beaches. Bali Island propose a rich and outstanding social legacy and eye-catching familiar splendor views. specially this place is famous for its social attraction, otherworldly spots, and normal grand viewpoints. most of the famous destinations in Bali from which you can inspired are Kute Beach is a beach and resort area in the south of the island of Bali, Indonesia.

it was the first tourist developments place, Tanah Lot Temple is a home to the pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot, a popular tourist and cultural symbol for photography,  Agung Rai Museum of Art located in Ubud on Bali, Indonesia, Museum Blanco renaissance is a museum located in Ubud on Bali, Indonesia that opened December 28, 1998, Sacred Monkey Forest (Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana) The Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and Hindu temple located in Ubud, Bali, Elephant Cave, Pura Luhur Uluwatu Sea Temple,  Museum Seni Neka, Mount Batur, Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud Palace,  Kawi Mountain Temple, Jatiluwih Vilage, Sanur Beach , Jatiluwih Vilage, Bedugul Botanical Bali Garden, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and Bali Plaza and  Cultural Park etc.

Charming B&B in Liguria

Liguria is a land that has fascinated poets, writers and artists: a region rich in history and culture, unique landscapes, mountains that plunge into the sea, fishing villages lying along the shore and medieval villages perched on the hills.

The best-known Liguria is to the two Rivieras: the wildest of the Levant and the sweetest of Ponente. These fascinating land, rich in history, nature and beaches attract tourists for their holidays. Both, to look on the cards, are so closed between the mountain and the sea as to believe that really there is no other outside of this paradise.

There is also an inland Liguria, as narrow and steep, the more unknown and less frequented but equally fascinating medieval villages, churches rich in art and ancient monasteries are hidden there and waiting to be discovered and admired in all their enchanting beauty.

When a tourist decides to visit Liguria, choosing the right accommodation is as important as planning the places of interest you will visit. In addition to the usual hotel, the Riviera offers the opportunity to choose from many charming B&B accommodation with a few rooms usually run by local people who know these lands as confidential information and will advise in appropriate ways.

Among the many charming B&B in Liguria we will recommend Ca ‘de Tobia, a wonderful B&B located in Noli, in the province of Savona. Here, not far from Genoa, Savona and Sanremo, we find this charming B&B newly renovated full of windows that, like paintings, allow you to enjoy the outside landscape of sea, beach and palm trees.

The rooms at the B&B Ca ‘de Tobia, six in all, are soundproofed, equipped with WI-FI free and furnished with extreme elegance. The rich breakfast buffet with various sweet and savory items is served daily in the dining room that overlooks the sea. Guests will also have the opportunity to spend their free time walking through the hills not far away, doing a bike ride or going to the beach resort “Victoria Club” in front of the B&B.

Four Fun Things To Plan Your Next Vacation Around

When it comes to vacation planning it can sometimes be a chore to come up with fun things to do. Why not make your vacation a themed one, so to speak. This way you have one main goal for your vacation time.

This works best for a shorter vacation,on most accounts. You might want to consider more than one of these plans if your vacation is a week long one (or longer). Don’t just head out and hope you’ll find some entertainment once you reach your destination, plan your destination around what you’re going to spend your time doing.

Fun With Sports

Take a sports vacation. Maybe you want to go see your favorite sports team play an away game and spend the weekend in a town you’ve never been to before. It can be a great way to explore a new place and support the home team on strange turf.

If you like to play sports you might want to travel someplace new to play. This can be great for golfers. Maybe check out some courses in Scotland, where the sport began. Or head to a nice warm climate area that is known for great golf courses. Make sure to take your supplies and clubs with you.

Take A Hike Or Bike

If you like to get physical, but you aren’t into sports, you could plan your vacation around hiking or biking. There are plenty of great places around the world to visit that offer wonderful hiking trails.

As far as biking goes, consider visiting another country, and going someplace where biking might allow you to see the most things, like Paris or Amsterdam. You could also visit someplace like Mackinac Island in Michigan where the only allowed modes of transportation are bicycle or horse and carriage.

Fun At Amusement Parks

Whether you’re a couple adults taking a vacation together, a group of friends heading out on the road, or you’re tagging family along, a weekend trek to the amusement park can be an ideal vacation plan. There are many options, from water parks to giant roller coasters.

Maybe you want to go someplace super special, like Disney or even Universal Studios. Both of these offer many fun things to do for people of all ages.

Seeing The Scenery

Amusement parks and sports can be pricey, so if you want a vacation that is a little cheaper you could consider a simple road trip. Go on a color tour during the Autumn months, or go beach hopping during the summer.

If you have some money to spend, your scenic road tour could include some roadside attraction destinations. Tourist traps can be fun to check out. Take some time to look into what tourist traps might be waiting for you wherever you’re planning on vacationing.





Take A Road Less Traveled For A Higher Purpose

When you stand back and look at where your life has taken you, what do you hope to see? Did you live a life worthy of the time you spent here or did you merely slog along with the herd? Did you spend what little free time you had shuffling forward in the lines of some banal theme park or packed elbow to elbow amidst a coconut oil soaked sea of humanity? What would it look like for you to shed your stress and travel with a purpose, a real knee shaking, jaw dropping, head exploding purpose. In what ways can you be a traveler who makes a difference?.

Serving the greater good

When you travel to support disaster relief or to come to the aid of those in dire need, you fulfill some pretty heavy basic needs of humanity. We all have a deep-seated need to be difference makers.  We have all been desperately in need at a time or two in our lives as well. Being in a position to use our abundance of time, talent, or funds to care for others in their darkest moments, helps us connect as humans at such an amazingly deep level. The friendships and memories you make while serving will be so magnificently rich and abundant, so palpable in hindsight, your eyes may well up as you remember the experience.

On a mission

Depending on your particular faith, a missionary journey may be a direction to seek. Should you have an opportunity, many mission trips involve serving a community or people group in need. Many times a mission trip will involve serving children, building central community structures, or assisting the sick and hurting. You have the opportunity to fulfill an inner calling and to show those in need the meaning of the philosophy and faith you follow.

Personal recovery

If you have lived life at too frenetic a pace or have let the vices of this world control your life, consider taking some time to rehab far away. Choose a location that will offer you some respite from your hectic daily view. Choosing to do this will allow you to sever ties from the people or other causal agents that have served to aid in your particular addiction. Allow yourself the time and environment for the healing and detoxing that your system needs. Separate yourself from society for the space your mind needs for a strong and total recovery.

Self discovery

Have you been spending your days in a Walter Mitty-like coma, dreaming of climbing mighty cloud-shrouded peaks, or surfing giant rollers in shark infested seas? Maybe you need to test your inner self with a trip that pushes you out of your comfort zone and into the deep waters of fear. Perhaps it is more about the struggle for survival in dire circumstance, maybe you need to push yourself to conquer vast expanses of desert or to float the slow muddy dark banked rivers of the deep Amazon. Whatever it might be, journeys of self discovery bring life to a sharper focus, illuminating the important and dulling the mundane. These journeys help you to slough off the dead skin of our lives and grasp and appreciate the relationships that matter.

Perhaps it is time for you to stop, look and listen. No, you are not crossing a road like a child, you are an adult who has reached a crossroad in your life. You have come to a conclusion that you need a collision. You need to have your worldview shaken and stretched. So dig deep, breathe deeper, and take a step onto the road less taken. Your soul will thank you for it.


Wonderful destinations near Kolkata

There are many rejuvenating destinations around Kolkata which lets you escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and gets close to the nature. Whether you wish to go into the nature’s lap for relaxing or looking for an activity filled vacation, there are good options for both within few hundred kilometers from Kolkata. So just choose your place, get into a Kolkata outstation taxi and hit the road. These are some of the best destinations around Kolkata:


Darjeeling: Darjeeling is a beautiful hill station surrounded by picturesque Himalayan peaks and having endless slopes of lush green tea plantations. Located at a distance of 610 km from Kolkata, it is a superb destination to explore on a long weekend. From ancient Buddhist monasteries to numerous tea estates, this laidback town offers many places to relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy the famous train ride in a toy train while enjoying the panoramic views of Kanchenjunga peak. Don’t miss out on going to Tiger Hill by opting for Kolkata car rentals from Savaari to watch the breathtaking sunrise.

Siliguri : This wonderful town lies on the banks of Mahandi river and surrounded by Himalayas. Situated at a distance of 560 kms from Kolkata, Siliguri is most famous for its tea, tourism and timber. Visit the famous markets Sevoke and Bidhan Road to feel the buzz of the city and buy best of the handicrafts. Siliguri is famous for its fairs like Boishakhi Mela, Book Fair, Hosto Shilpo Mela and Lexpo Fair. Check the fair calendar and plan your visit accordingly.

Kalimpong: Situated at a distance of 600 kms from Kolkata, Kalimpong is a beautiful hilly town overlooking the Teesta River. Kalimpong is home to a some famous Buddhist monasteries and large number of flower orchids and nurseries. The town is also famous for producing a wide range of traditional handicrafts, embroidered items, wood carvings, and copper ware

Sunderbans: The Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site located at 98 km away from Kolkata. It is a huge amalgamation of mangrove swamps spread over 54 islands. A large part of the area is a Tiger Reserves. The mangroves are full a large variety of birds, reptiles and mammals including the Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, wild boar, giant lizard, crocodile. Siberian ducks can also be sighted during their migratory season.

Bishnupur:  It is located at a distance of about 150 kilometres from Kolkata and most famous for terracotta architecture, crafts and culture. It is an ancient town and for more than one thousand years, it was the capital of Malla dynasty. Most of th temples showcasing brilliant architecture were built during the time of 16th century. Apart from the superb architecture, it is also famous for its crafts and Baluchari sarees which are made of a pure silk.

Purulia : This place is perfect for travelers looking for solace and escape from maddening crowds. It is located at a distance of 250 km from Kolkata and offers lush green landscape, picturesque hills and thick forests. You can also witness numerous archeological excavation sites around the area comprising of scattered ancient buildings and temples.

If you are not well versed with the routes it’s always better to hire one of the cabs in Kolkata, it will make your travel convenient and hassle free.

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle Road Trip in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful destination to go for holidays – and one of the best ones to ride a bike. If you are looking to do a motorcycle tour there, it’s the right place to go. As two-wheels are so deeply enrooted into the local culture, you will be able to choose from many places to rent your bike: resorts, backpacker hostels… even some restaurants!


Decide on the right place

In front of such a  of facilities to hire a bike from, our first advice would be to choose the safest one. Quality of maintenance of the bikes and prices will differ largely from one place to another. Go for a place where people speak English: you will have more chances to discuss and understand about insurance conditions or what happens in case the bike breaks down. Don’t hesitate to contact agencies who organize motorbike tours in Thailand – they often have good network there and will be able to guide you towards reliable companies.

Choose the right type of bike

  • Decide on the size of your engine according to your needs. Obviously, the larger the engine, the more power it has (but higher is the cost!). If you weight more than 80 kgs, or if you are planning to travel for a while outside the city (up north in the mountains, or in the countryside), we suggest you opt for the biggest cc rating.
  • If your budget allows it, prefer a new bike rather than an old one. A motorcycle under 2 or 3 years old means more power, better brakes, better tires, and a better fuel efficiency which means saving money over gas during your trip. It can be useful to make a little price comparison beforehand to see if the extra rental price of a new bike compensates the fuel you would save with it.yunnan-motorcycle-tour

Check-up thoroughly the bike

Before you set off, look closely at every part of the bike you have chosen and list any damages or scratches you see. Take a picture of it – it can easily be done with your smartphone. Sit on the bike and bounce up and down to make sure suspensions are working well. What we suggest is also to go for a little test ride before paying anything. This will allow you to check mirrors, size of the seat (your knees shouldn’t hurt because of the handlebar), test the brakes, and acceleration. Take the bike if you only feel comfortable with everything – and have the feeling that this motorcycle can be your road companion for the time you need it.

Ride safely

In order to ensure your security, wear a helmet – this is compulsory! The more it covers your face, better it is. Also, wear gloves – even if you are the only one doing it! Your hands are the first ones to suffer if you have an accident, they are precious. Obviously, don’t drink and drive, and try to avoid driving at night. A lot of places are not well lightened in Thailand and it can be dangerous.

You are now ready for your big road trip ! Enjoy the ride.