A Brief Guide to the Islands of Hawaii

It is not hard to understand why so many people see Hawaii as paradise. It has beaches that appear to be made from sugar, coral reefs in HD Technicolor and even active volcanos for the adventurous among us. It is no surprise, therefore, that Globus Tours has seen such a rise in popularity in their Hawaii trips.

Islands of Hawaii

A Kaleidoscope of Culture

Hawaii is an archipelago of solitary islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While being one of the states of the United States, it retains its own personal identity. This identity seems to be made up of things like shave ice, spam, ukuleles, spam, pidgin, slack key guitars, flip-flops (“rubbah slippahs”) and various other unique touches of island life. Everything feels casual, relaxed and low key...

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Urban Vacations That You Will Remember

Most people that have 2 or 3 weeks of paid vacation during the year try and put together trips that last for at least a week when they actually are able to take their vacation. If they have a hectic schedule, it is far more likely that 2 or 3 times a year, they will add a day or two to a weekend and a holiday to create a vacation that they can use to go and enjoy museums or a show in a city that is known to have a safe and attraction-full downtown.

Here are some of the more popular destinations for memorable urban vacations:

Los Angeles: With the downtown development renaissance and its urban public transit upgrades, Los Angeles has become a place to be when the weekend rolls around. Not only are there more Los Angeles hotels downtown now, there are also more clubs, stores, and restaurants...

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Find Excellent Temporary Facilities at Student Accommodation in Stafford

bridgewoodhouseA student’s life is a struggle, especially for those in the pursuit of higher studies. It is no longer like childhood, the innocence accompanying simple delights such as piggy banking for a lollipop at the end of every month or for a special trip to a nearby wonderland. There are times when I yearn for those days, not for the sake of a dull aching nostalgia, but to simply learn the technique of ‘saving every penny for the end of the day’. Many people seem to forget this simple yet vital task of saving up for future use, an approach that has spared many from resorting to heavy loans unnecessarily. Sometimes your situation is just satisfactory but can be better, had you pushed yourself to spare some money for necessary future-based expenses...

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Planning a holiday to the U.S? You need to understand the cost of healthcare in the US

The majority of the people planning a trip to the U.S are already aware of some of the best cities to visit and some of the best attractions. A good number are also aware that they need to file an ESTA application, the Electronic Visa Waiver that allows entry into the US. However, only few are aware of the threats of the American healthcare system on their pockets.

Many are unaware of how to navigate healthcare in the event of an accident or emergency. While no one is hoping for anything of that sort to happen, the probability is always there if you are going on holiday to spend time out in the open.

45Before you visit the U.S, you need to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan that offers health insurance cover. This is regardless of how long you intend to stay in the country...

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The Top 5 Things to See and Do in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America’s most visited national park–and for good reason, as it spans 211,416 hectares (522,419 acres) of land. This World Heritage Site offers spectacular panoramic views of the Appalachian Mountain ridgeline, and is home to several species of wildlife, but it can be challenging to narrow in on what to see and do. Of all the things to do in the Great Smokies, consider these five stops to make your Great Smoky Mountains trip memorable:

1.   Smoky Mountain Ziplines


Get a bird’s-eye view of the park while zooming over the canopies at up to 40 miles per hour at Smoky Mountain Ziplines. This exhilarating attraction offers two courses with 24 different lines to zip down...

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The Backpacker’s Guide to Vacation Movies: Create, Edit, and Share Your Fun on the Go

You may not be able to take every family member and friend backpacking with you, but you can shoot a nice video and send it home to them. The only challenging part is getting the right equipment. You need a fancy camcorder, a DSLR, and lots of extras, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, you can get away with using some simple equipment, some of which you probably already own.

Ready Your Combo Camera and Video Recorder

All you need for great shots in the wild is your – wait for it – smartphone. Yes, really. If you’ve ever tried taking photos with the raw lens on your camera, you know how frustrating it can be. There’s always a lot of “noise” in the picture, and you can’t always get the lighting right – especially at sunrise and sunset.

Enter detachable lenses...

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An Insider’s Guide to Newfoundland

Peaceful, idyllic Newfoundland is the perfect place for a scenic getaway. Located in the northeastern part of Canada, this island is home to stretches of rocky cliffs along the coast, and you’ll find that although the population numbers image 1around 500,000, the whole place has a sort of small-town charm. The island only joined Canada in the mid-20th century (before that, it was still considered a British colony) and is in many ways unlike the rest of Canada, although you’ll find the typical Canadian kindness and love of nature is in abundance here as well.

When to Visit

Deciding when to visit depends somewhat on what you choose to do, but you’ll likely want to visit sometime between June and October, as most of the museums and attractions are closed during the rest of the year...

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Looking for a Family Vacation Villa? Opt for Tuscany Vacation Villas

Every family that goes on a vacation is looking for a special place to travel where they can relax and rejoice together, be part of history and traditions of a place and also to enjoy nature and its surroundings. Nowadays, more and more families look forward to agritourism places that are less frequented and offer breathtaking visuals, history, culture, farm visits and great food and wine. If you would like to get a taste of medieval culture and to stay in castle villas and enjoy royal treatment, then Montalto Castle in the Chianti region of Tuscany near Sienna is an ideal place. This place will bring to light the medieval culture and is a place that is unspoilt by tourists...

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Your Dream Holiday Awaits You

There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than taking a luxury vacation. Getting away from it all is sometimes just the thing you need to your own “reset” button, especially if you have working long hours for years. In fact, a well-deserved vacation is one of the first things most newly retired people do to celebrate their recent retirement.

Reward Yourself

Even if retirement is not in your near future, you still deserve to take a holiday. When you reward yourself and your loved ones with a dream vacation, you get to see the world and make great memories that last a lifetime. There are so many beautiful and exotic destinations that you can choose from. The hardest part is choosing where it is you want to go. If you are having a hard time deciding, the experts at Oxford Private Trave...

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Travel Protected with Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the most important purchase you will make towards your next trip. Whether it is a fortnight abroad or a month long excursion, there is a plan for you. Without any kind of travel insurance, you are susceptible to thousands of pounds in medical bills. You are also unprotected against many inconvenient situations. There are many things to look out for when you are shopping for insurance, and insurance is one purchase you do not want to get wrong.

What Sort of Coverage Do I Need?

There is a variety of plans for different travel needs. The plan for you all depends on the type of traveller you are. Frequent travellers should purchase an annual insurance plan. This type of insurance will offer a year’s worth of coverage for one rate...

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