The most common attraction on this island is its massive volcano that covers a large section of the land. The islands are spread at a stretch of 1,500 miles and the biggest of them all is the “Big Island”. Hawaii is known for its incredible beauty and promises a relaxing time for every tourist. There are numerous hotels and condos, which can provide you a comfortable accommodation and a great summer trip. The Hawaii vacation rentals offer beautiful locations to stay and a wide variety of things to do.


Hawaii is the most visited destination by the tourists from all around the world during summers. There are many islands and attractions, but below are some of the best and must visit locations by every visitor in Hawaii-

  1. Pearl Harbour

Visit Pearl harbour, a lagoon harbour located in the west location of Honolulu. It is a station of United States deep water naval base and it was this location that was attacked by Japan in 1941, which brought the US into the world war II. The visiting rights on this island is limited, but few sections are opened occasionally for tourists to visit and admire the mighty naval army of the US.

     2.   Hanauma Bay

This is the most popular tourist destination and hold a record of housing over 3 million visitors per year. From intense marine life to geological hotspots, there are numerous attractions that will make your summer trip worth your time. The hanauma bay nature preserve hold up to 5000 species of marine life and is known to attract many curious nature lovers.

   3.   Diamond Head

This is a name of a volcano that has many complex vents and cones symmetrical with its eruption. This is approximately 200,000 years old and is known to be explosive in nature. The round top of the volcano and the magnificent view is all that brings visitors towards its beauty.

 4.   Sea Life Park

It is a marine park that includes other features like bird sanctuary and aquarium. It is located to the north of hanauma bay at Oahu island. There are many attractions like large aquariums, marine theatres, Dolphin cove show, Bird Sanctuary and Hawaiian monk seal habitat.

     5.   Honolulu Zoo

It is a 42 acre zoo situated on the Honolulu island in Hawaii. This is a platform for millions of nature lovers and scientists, to enter the wildlife and observe its functioning at the closest. From birds, mammals and other vegetative production, there are hundreds of species that are waiting for you to be explored this summer.

Create the best summer trip this season to Hawaii and experience the true meaning of souls searching and relaxation at its best.