5 Reasons to Consider Studying Abroad in College

There are dozens of reasons why studying abroad can be a really great thing for almost all college students. There is no experience more enriching when you’re in college, and there is no doubt that you will come home having grown and learned a lot more than you could have ever expected. Here are 5 reasons to consider studying abroad in college.

  1. Learn a New Language

One of the best perks of studying abroad is that you get the opportunity to learn a foreign language fluently. There’s a good chance that even though you took foreign language classes in high school, and maybe even at a college like Northeastern University, you still don’t feel like you’re very fluent in the language. That’s because you haven’t actually been immersed in the culture and forced to speak and listen every day. The great thing about studying abroad is that you have the benefit of immersion.

  1. Enrich Yourself Culturally

You can study a wide host of cultures in books, you can eat at all kinds of international restaurants, you can watch foreign movies and you can get to know plenty of immigrants in your own home town, but nothing is as culturally enriching as living in another country. When you live in a completely different country for a year, or even for a semester, you will get the chance to really learn what life is like outside of the United States and you will have a much better understanding of another culture’s overall world perspective.

  1. Become More Independent

If there’s one way to really up the ante on your own personal independence, it’s by studying abroad. You will have to learn so many new skills very quickly, and you will learn to rely on yourself to learn all kinds of life lessons. If there’s one thing that most people experience when they go back home, it’s that everything in life feels a lot easier once you don’t have the extra challenge of being a foreigner.

  1. Meet New People

When you travel to a foreign country and learn to speak another language, you will have the opportunity to get to know all kinds of people that you would never be able to meet, let alone speak to, otherwise. This means that you will make all kinds of connections around the world with locals in the town where you are going to school, as well as international students from all over the world.  These people could not only be lifelong friends but also become a part of your professional network.

  1. Boost Your Resume

There’s nothing like time spent abroad to really make your resume stand out. If the work or the studies you engaged in while you were abroad are in any way connected to the career path you would like to take, then this will definitely give you a huge leg up. So if you really want to stand out from the crowd, studying abroad will definitely give you that little edge that you’re looking for.

Should You Travel After College?

No matter where you are in life, traveling can offer you the ability to see the world and experience new adventures. If you are just sitting around all day, trying to figure out what to do, you may want to go big and take a trip to Italy or Greece or China. If you have just graduated from college and you are trying to figure out what to do, or if you are not ready to settle into a full time job just yet, you may want to think about traveling.

However, before you travel, you want to ask yourself a number of important questions. These questions are critical to ask yourself, because no matter how much you may want to get out of town you may not be ready to travel. In order to travel, you need money most of all, but you also need time, you need the emotional resources and you need to have a clear schedule. So, should you travel after college?  Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Do You Have the Money to Travel?

If you don’t have the money, you may not be able to go on a big trip to Europe or Asia. Instead of putting off your dreams of travel or going deep into debt to pay for an extended vacation, you may be able to take a road trip with friends, which can be just as fun. Once you saved up enough money, you can then travel someplace more exotic.

Do You Have Time to Travel?

When you get out of college, you may think you have the time to travel, but you may also be trying to figure out how to get out of college and you may be trying to get your resume together. Moreover, you may have an internship that is tying you up. There is also the chance that you still have classes to catch up on. If you do have classes to catch up on then you may want to take a USC online course to make up the credits. By taking an online course, you can travel anywhere and still complete the work you need to complete.

Do You Have a Location in Mind?

If you are still gung-ho about traveling, you will need to pick a destination. You may think this is easy, but it can actually be harder than you think. For one thing, you may have trouble choosing – mainly because there are so many great destinations. Also, you have to find a location that is affordable and easy to get to. You don’t want to spend as much time traveling to and from your destination as you do enjoying your vacation.

Do You Have Job Interviews Lined Up?

If you already have job interviews lined up, you may want to wait until you get a job until you go on vacation. There is a chance that your new job offers a paid vacation. If this is the case, you may have to wait another eight months to a year to travel, but it will be worth it.

Do You Have a Friend to Travel With?

On top of everything, you may want to bring a friend to travel with. Traveling with a friend can make your adventures more fun and interesting. In the end, traveling with a friend can also make traveling safer.

4 Reasons Why You Should Travel to New Zealand

Exploring the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand is one of the greatest things your traveler self could ever experience. With its various natural wonders, you will definitely appreciate every bit of it.

New Zealand is a friendly country that makes all of its visitors feel safe and secured whenever they go here. Most people who have been in this amazing place already will attest to its one-of-a-kind beauty and amiable locals. Absolutely, you will enjoy your vacation and it will truly be one for the books.

Hence, here are some of the reasons why you should add New Zealand to your travel bucket list:


If you are an adventurous person, then this is the perfect destination for you. New Zealand is known for its adrenaline-fueled activities, including bungee jumping, sky diving, canyon swinging, jet boating, scuba diving, and a whole lot more. These extreme sports and water activities are made to be more exciting and unforgettable with stunning natural backgrounds that this country is blessed with. Surely, this will be a trip of a lifetime that you will remember the most.

Road Trip

New Zealand is just a small country, thus, it can be explored by simply road tripping with your special someone, family, or friends. There are only four million people living here, so it is very convenient for you to take on the road. You may hire a campervan and start your fun and thrilling road trip adventure. It will be a unique experience that you will treasure.

Food and Wine

One of the things that you must do whenever you travel to new places is to indulge in local food and wine. Once you set your foot in New Zealand, you need to taste its delectable food and world-class wine. It is known as a food and wine lover’s paradise so never leave the place without exploring the country’s range of distinctive wines as well as scrumptious cuisine. You may also buy wine online and it will be delivered directly at your doorstep.


The ideal way to witness the true beauty of New Zealand is through hiking or walking. Make sure to bring your hiking boots when you visit this place and get ready to see a huge wilderness. There are hiking and walking trails fit for any age, so you won’t have a hard time. Apparently, it is recommended to go on hiking even just for a day, once you’re here. You will learn to appreciate the outstanding beauty of the country and the feeling after seeing it with your own eyes is very rewarding and priceless.

There is no reason not to love New Zealand with all of its awesome tourist attractions. Your vacation will be worth it as this country never disappoints anyone. With all the pristine islands, charming villages, friendly locals, and heavenly food, your stay here will be truly amazing. So, plan your next trip in this paradise and you will never run out of things to do. Once you have the opportunity to visit this place, grab it right away.

5 Tips For Getting Around During Your Vacation Trip To Florida

Florida is a spectacular vacation destination. There’s the sun, the beaches, the golf courses, the theme parks, the beautiful weather, and the inherent enjoyable activities that come with all of those things. But one factor that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to these Southeastern coastal vacations, is how you plan on getting around.

So before you get stuck in some frustration during what should be an amazing time for you and your family, think about these five tips for getting around during your vacation trip to Florida, including information about your car, mass transit, Uber, air travel, and vacation travel packages.

Choose the Kind of Car You Want To Travel In

If you’re already in the area, even just for kicks, visit a Ford dealership in Florida and see what kinds of cars they have on their lots. If you’re feeling adventurous, even take one of the new Ford models for a test drive. And from there, you can decide what kind of a car you want to potentially rent to get around for the rest of your vacation! This is a great method for getting information and depending on how much you like the cars you drive, you can even put that info in your back pocket for a potential future purchase!

Look Into Mass Transit Options

There are a tremendous number of benefits to using mass transportation when on vacation. As long as you’re in one of the more urban environments in the part of Florida that you’re in, you can save a ton of money by taking buses and trains and the like, and you also get to pick up on parts of native culture.

Use Uber

For people who occasionally get frustrated with taxis, you can use Uber in Florida to get around extremely efficiently. Just be aware that the company is constantly tweaking its business practices, so keep up to date with things like pricing arrangements.

Book Air Travel In Advance

And Florida is a big state. If you plan on going to several major cities and don’t want to make the long drives, air travel from place to place isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Just be sure to book everything far in advance in order to save yourself as much money as possible.

Consider Package Options

When you first decide that you want to vacation in Florida, and still aren’t sure about how you’re getting around, consider Florida travel packages, especially if Disney World is in the mix, as you can save a ton of money and have all of the details handles without having to dig too deep into them yourself.