Unbelievable Group Offer rates for Imagica Visitors at Uks resorts

Adlabs Imagica Theme Park is a fun-filled dream world. It is spread across over 300 acres with themed attractions, thrill rides and something for kids and adults will absolutely love. If you want to enjoy the vacations with your family and friends, then Water Park and theme park is the perfect destination for you. It is located near Mumbai close to Khopoli and off the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Adlab Imagica theme park is India’s first entertainment theme park. This park is based on Indian stories in an international format.

There are various resorts & hotels near Adlabs Imagica are available which is not very much far away from the park. This theme park is an attractive place for a tourist that’s why it is always crowded. Uks resort is one of the amazing resorts, located 5 km away from the Adlabs Imagica.

Feel more relaxation and comfort with Uks resorts

After the fun filled vacation at Adlabs Imagica, you will surely need a place where you can relax and remove all the pressures of the daily life. Then at this point, Resorts are the best and preferable option for you to take a break here. To choose the best resort near Adlabs Imagica is not so difficult.

Enjoy Group Discount Rates For Imagica Visitors Rs. 1325 per person MAP Includes :

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You can choose Uks resort which adds more charm in your fairytale holiday, offering world-class accommodation and services to their customers.

Uks resort is a set of natural ambience with the beautiful scenic mountains. It also offers gracefully designed rooms, premium meeting room facilities, every day dining options, a swimming pool, gym health club for individuals and for children’s playground is also available.

Packages to the customers:

·         Provides Imagica Theme & Water Park tickets

·         Free Wi-Fi

·         Complimentary breakfast

·         Easy access to pool & gym

·         Access to kids play area


Facilities of Uks resort:

·         Air conditioning rooms.

·         Free parking

·         Wheel chair Assistance

·         Daily Housekeeping


Tariff plans at Uks resorts: You will get many tariff plans and offers on rooms you choose such as- Deluxe room, super deluxe room & extra room for people. You can choose the one that suits your budget, according to your requirement & number of people traveling with you.  For example-

  • Price for deluxe room during weekdays is Rs.2150 while during weekend is Rs. 3250.
  • Price for super deluxe room during weekdays is Rs.2650 while during weekend is Rs.3950.
  • Price for extra person during weekdays is Rs. 800 while during weekend is Rs.950.

Package for overnight picnics for groups are also available, such as:

  • 650/- Per Person charge (50 Person and Above)
  • 700/- Per Person charge (40 to 50 Person and Above)

Auto Bio: To enjoy an amazing vacation need to choose the best hotels near Adlabs Imagica where you can relax because it is the major attractions for tourists . There are also several resorts near Adlabs Imagica are available & Uks resort is one of them with great facilities and Offers.

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All you need to know about London Airport taxis


With six major international airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, City Airport and Southend, London is an easy accessible destination from all around the world. What everyone visiting this impressive city should take into account is actually the transportation from the airport to the city or inside the city because at certain moments of the day the traffic can become very crowded and it’s getting hard to reach your destination on time. It’s true that you can find great London airport transfer options to each of your desired locations but this implies a previous documentation on the matter and not picking a transportation means instantly. Public transportation turns out to be a good solution for anyone who is not in a hurry, searches for cheapest fares or it’s accustomed to the idea of changing more vehicles in order to arrive at his final destination.

For those who prefer a comfortable journey with no stress caused by planning a particular transfer, an available service at all times and a good value for their money a taxi can be the best option.Our article concentrates on the last option and we will try to provide you with useful information about London taxi system in general, and more precisely about London Airport taxis.

The term ‘taxi’ defines a vehicle licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare and typically fitted with a taximeter. London taxis can be grouped in two types:

1) the so-called black cabs (nowadays they are not only black vehicles) which use taximeters and are licensed to pick up passengers on the street and operate from taxi ranks

2) minicabs (also called Private Hire vehicles) which can only be used by advance arrangement, meaning that you are not allowed to use a minicab if you haven’t previously booked your ride.

Let’s see some other differences between these two categories:

  • Availability:

1) With black cabs you can take one instantly with no previous arrangement at any time;

2) With minicabs-  they are available at any moment of the day or night but they require a previous online booking (this is quite easy nowadays with all the booking apps that you can download from the internet and it can be done in a minute).

  • Pricing:

1) Black cabs rides are highly priced and you don’t know the price from the beginning of your ride;

2) Minicabs -you know the price of your journey from the beginning and besides that it is well known that minicabs prices are with almost 50% cheaper than those of Black cabs.

  • Drivers licensing:

1) For black cabs the drivers must attend and pass a most demanding training course for taxicab drivers called The knowledge. It implies a period of 34 months of learning the streets of London and also of how to take act immediately with the best routes according to passengers requirements.

2) For minicabs -the drivers are not asked to complete The Knowledge, but still they need to pass a Topographical test to obtain their Private Hire license. They usually rely on GPS navigators in order to find the correct addresses

  • Preferences:

1) With black cabs you will take the car that is available at the moment

2) For minicabs you can require a special type of car or a particular driver. You can also use a

VIP option if it fits your budget.

Going back to our taxi airport transfers subject you must know that each of London’s airports (Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, Stansted, City and Southend) have numerous taxi operators and deciding which is going to be your services provider can be a real challenge for any tourist. If you didn’t know by now all airport taxi operators are asked to pay a parking fee for each pick-up they make there and most of the times this fee is included in the price of the journey.

After you have seen above some of the differences between the two operating types of taxis in London it’s all up to you and your transportation needs to take the right decision. Still, there are certain aspects that everyone should consider when choosing their London airport taxi:

-the taxi company must be licensed (make sure that it is not a ghost company);

-the driver should look professional, should be polite and help you with your luggage making sure that your journey is pleasant and that you have anything you need for the ride;

-no hidden charges should apply;

-if it’s possible make sure you check your taxi company’s reliability and the feedback provided by its customers;

– choose a new, clean and comfortable vehicle (your ride might take a while so be sure you are having the comfort that you deserve).

With all these stated we hope that you will find your perfect London airport transfer and that you will be completely satisfied with your choice.


Keeping Your Travel Options Clean and Sparkling

When it comes to traveling, most people focus on the major and visible aspects of the journey. Traveling by cruise ship means luxury and size, traveling by airplane means speed and convenience, travel by car means gas prices and individuality.

But, you’re not going to have the best time if whatever travel option you choose isn’t clean and well-maintained. In some cases, you have to check on these cleanliness factors yourself, whereas other times it’s the owner of the type of transport in question that has to do the job. Regardless, it’s not too much extra effort to consider the cleanup efforts for boats and ships, cars, airplanes, motorcycles, and even bicycles when it comes to the best way to travel.

Boats and Ships

Believe it or not, any water-based transportation type is going to dirty, a lot. And add the moisture factor to that, and it means a whole lot of deep cleaning. Everything from painting and buffing the outside, to keeping the engine and moveable navigation parts clean and in shape, to heavy duty carpet cleaning to prevent mold in the flooring. There are whole industries just based on cleaning yachts!


When it comes to traveling by car, no one wants to spend time in a dirty vehicle. There are different stages of cleanliness in this regard, obviously, but getting a car detailed every once in awhile isn’t a bad idea, while at least keeping dirt and old food and junk out of it (especially if you’re heading on a long trip) is an absolute necessity. And even if you’re heading out in a rental, having a trash bag inside and regularly dumping it out on your trip is going to make you feel better in general about your traveling circumstances.


Obviously, you aren’t going to be doing the cleaning when it comes to airplanes, but it still is nice if you understand how airplanes get cleaned, both inside and outside. Because you are hurtling through the air in a gigantic metal structure, safety and cleanliness are two of the top priorities of airline companies.


Traveling by motorcycle is more about safety than cleanliness, simply because of the open-air factor, but one thing you’d want to avoid for sure are any parts that end up being greasy or slippery. Accidents are bad enough without having to worry about that type of additional factor.


And though you probably aren’t going to ride a bike to any sort of travel and vacation destination, you still might want to bike around when you get there. And if you don’t want to end up in one type of frustrating situation, then keeping your bike chain clean at the very least should be one of your first checks.


5 People Who Can Benefit from Car Rental in Milan

Whether you’re a foreigner or a local, it can’t be denied that booking a car rental in Milan offers great conveniences. It essentially saves you from the frustration of being in crowded public vehicles or of being in the mercy of the schedule and availability of mass transport system. With a rented car, you can be on time wherever you need to be. Here are some of the specific people who can benefit from a car rental in this gorgeous Italian city.


People in the Fashion Industry Need Car Rental in Milan


Unless they already have their own luxury car to drive them to their destination, people in the fashion industry will need to book a car rental in Milan for several reasons. The city is popular as a worldwide capital of design and fashion, thus, events showcasing new lines of gorgeous apparel are popular. For the fashion designers and their assistants, a car rental will essentially provide them with a means to move from one place to another quickly without much hassle. They need a suitable amount of space in the car to ensure that their fashionable apparel, which the models will be using, will remain in good condition during transport. On the other hand, car rental will allow fashion trend enthusiasts to quickly and conveniently move from one designer boutique to another in Milan whenever they feel like splurging their money out in this wonderful city of trendy and high-class apparel.

Local Business Owners Doing Favors to Their VIP clients/investors


The best thing you can do for your clients is offering them something different as a sign of appreciation. Milan can be the best place where you can “treat” your clients/investors. For example, if you are running a multibillion music industry, you can choose to take your VIP clients to Milan where you can buy them an elegant watch. You will just need to hire a car that will take your client to wherever they need to be without facing the busy streets of Milan.

Business Travelers Who Want Convenience

Business meetings call for time consciousness and adherence. When in a busy schedule, having a car rental in Milan will ensure that you have a vehicle to drive immediately so you will be able to go to your meetings on time. Relying on public transport can adversely affect your schedule. The same car rental in Milan will also take you to different venues such as for a dinner without any delay.

Tourists Craving for Memorable Cultural Experience

Hiring a car with a local person in Milan as the driver means that you can go to iconic sites where ordinary tourists will not be able to visit. The driver can also serve as your tour guide, and thus, your sightseeing will surely be as enriching as you want it to be. Art lovers will be proud of this service like no other.

Boyfriends Secretly Planning to Propose to their Girlfriends

Milan can be the ultimate place where boyfriends can propose to their girls. Why? Girls love fashion and design and by taking them to this city, you can buy a designer ring from one of the local stores then surprise your fiancée with it in a nearby hotel with other presents she has been cherishing. It will be hard for any girl to deny such a magical proposal.

Discover the advantages of booking a car rental through http://www.otoyoo.com/ for your personal and business needs today.

Guided Tours Israel Worldwide

Israel is among the most historic lands on the planet, being an important site for three of the world’s largest religions and filled to the brim with ancient monuments, ruins and relics of the past of interest to anyone who wants to learn the full story of Western civilization.

Plethora Of Guided Tours Israel Options

Additionally, modern Israel is full of culture, ranging from ancient marketplaces filled with life and action to modern concert halls showing off some of the best performance art on the planet and a dizzying variety of good food. In all, Israel is a wonderful tourist destination for anyone with the desire and inclination to travel abroad.

There are many guided tours Israel that, through one means or another, offer a wide array of locations to visit. These Israel tours can often be customized to the customer’s preferences, from a long and involved religious pilgrimage for personal spiritual reasons to a whirlwind tour of the hottest, most exciting spots in the modern Israeli cultural scene.

Guided tours Israel are often built around the expectation that the visitor wants to see the ancient monuments. For many Jewish visitors, and oftentimes even natives, the Western Wall is an essential spot on any trip to Jerusalem, whether simply to observe it or to pray there themselves. For Christian visitors, there are many Israel tours offering a trip to the sites of Nazareth and Bethlehem. And, for Muslim tourists, there are a great many tours of the Dome of the Rock Shrine.

All three faiths will likely also be interested in visiting the Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem, a location that contains a great many temples still in use of great historic importance. Many of these guided tours Israel also offer easy access to meals fulfilling their respective faith’s dietary requirements.

Discover Rich History With Israel Tours


For those more interested in history than spirituality, guided tours Israel offer a wide variety of locations of interest. The Temple Mount also containers a number of Greco-Roman pagan temples that have lasted to the modern day. Indeed, Israel is filled with ruins of bygone eras.

For the more nature minded, there are also a number of locations in the land of interest. Timna Valley, in addition to containing a number of temples of note in world history, also contains a great deal of nature preserves and offers a wide array of hiking trails and climbing activities for those who wish to enjoy such things. Meanwhile, the shores of the Sea of Galilee contain some of the finest beaches in the Near East, on the coasts of lakes, beaches and rivers alike. The beaches of the Mediterranean are also a rich trove of sea side experiences for beach goers.

Of course, as a cultural crossroads practically since the dawn of human civilization, the land also contains a great deal of cultural activities. Israeli concert halls are some of the best in the world and musicians from around the world come to the land to perform, and all are organized by Israel tours. And, of course, the food encompasses a great many different cultures from centuries of Near Eastern cuisine.