Securing Internet When Traveling

If you are worried about exposing yourself while travelling, you need to secure your internet and the way to do this is via a Virtual Private Network or VPN.  Since you will be on hotel WiFi during your stay there, VPN can ensure that your important or sensitive data remains private.  This happens because your initial IP address is basically replaced with that of your VPN provider.  As such, you get a new IP address from one of their gateway cities.  If you are travelling to Hong Kong for example, you can get and IP address that makes it appear as if you are still in the US city in which you reside, or any other for that matter.

If you are looking to enjoy US television from a country abroad, a VPN may come in handy for some of the geo-blocked websites.  It is important to know though, that there are some websites that have blocked VPN access such as Dramafever and Hulu.  However, using a smart DNS provider you can still bypass that geo block and watch your favorite shows. VPN has several advantages over DNS as follows:

  1. Works with many ISP – DNS tends not to work with many different ISP especially those that have a transparent proxy. You may find that it works today and tomorrow it fails to work.  VPN is able to work with many different ISPs.
  2. Works well with Hotel WiFi – If you are travelling and using Hotel WiFi you may find that it is not compatible with smart DNS. This makes it impossible to watch your shows.  VPN can help you get pass this particular problem.
  3. Works with Apps and Devices that have embedded public DNS – Smart DNS is not able to work with such unless you block the public DNS directly from the router which can be complicated. VPN works well with these.
  4. Unblocks websites that are unsupported by DNS – Whereas DNS is not able to access websites that are unsupported, VPN is able to do it in the blink of an eye.

If you are worried that setting up a Virtual Private Network is too difficult, perish the thought!  It is simple.  All you have to do is put in your username and the server address.  You can do this with your smartphone and other devices with ease.  You will find that there are service providers that will offer you a paid VPN service and others offering a free service.  Pick what works for you.