A Guided Tour Through Maui is More than Worth It

There’s no doubt that if you’ve decided to embark on a visit to the island of Maui, you want a little adventure. Planning a Maui vacation can be a lot of fun, but travelers do worry that they may not be able to find enough to do while there. To an outsider, Maui is well-known for its white, sandy beaches and tropical climate, but you’ll want to do more than that when you arrive. It’s best to research some activities while you are still on the mainland. Some activities may be special events that you’ll need to reserve ahead of time, and it’s always nice to have a rough itinerary in mind before embarking on a Maui adventure.

First-time vacationers may feel a bit overwhelmed when they first arrive in Maui, and may not even know where to go or what to see first. It’s a terrific idea to get a private, guided tour when you first arrive, and this way, you’ll be slightly familiar with Maui when you try to sightsee by yourself. For example, Road to Hana tours are private and customizable, and are done right in the privacy of your own rental vehicle. With your own tour guide in tow, you can explore what Maui has to offer – parts you may have never seen just sightseeing on your own. Road to Hana tours have several different types of tours, such as one specified for just waterfalls and hikes, and all of them can be completely customized to your needs. For example, if you wanted a tour of Maui’s best beaches, simply let your tour guide know.

If there is ever a doubt when it comes to your activities or events when you are staying at the Royal Lahaina Hotel, simply contact the activities desk before your arrival or during your trip to find more great things to do while on the island. Book your next excursion at the Royal Lahaina Hotel, and take home memories that last a lifetime.

3 Ways To Make Traveling For Sports Events More Enjoyable

When big sporting events occur, it can seem as though the rest of the world puts itself on pause until the game is over. From the Super Bowl and the World Cup to the Olympics and Wimbledon, people love watching sports. The only thing that makes enjoying these sporting events better is when you can actually be there to watch everything unfold live. But to get the absolute most out of your travels for the big game, you’ve got to be prepared. To help with this, here are three ways you can make traveling for big sporting events more enjoyable.

Book As Soon As Possible

While there’s something to be said for spontaneity, when it comes to big events like the Olympics or the World Cup, you’ve to to have a plan. According to Simon Calder, a contributor to the Independent, people planning to go to big sporting events, like the UEFA Euro 2016 Championships, need to book their transportation and accommodations as far in advance as possible. Because prices for things like flights and hotels will skyrocket as you get closer to the date of the event, booking these parts of your travels sooner rather than later will save you a lot of money as well as a lot of headaches trying to find availabilities.

Stay Close To The Action

Depending on the type of sporting event you’re taking part in, you may want to stay as close to the arena or stadium as possible. Big events draw big crowds, making it nearly impossible to travel around the vicinity in an easy and quick fashion. Because of this, you may want to stay in a resort or hotel within walking distance of the game to keep out of traffic, and to avoid any issues with drivers under the influence. Not only this, but you also won’t have to worry about parking at the event either, which will also save you time and money.

Make A Post-Game Plan

Once the event is over, you’ll want to have a post-game plan to fall back on whether your team wins or loses. According to Shirley Wang, a contributor to PsychologicalScience.org, research shows that some sports fans are as attached to their favorite teams as they are to their ethnicity, nationality and gender. Knowing this, it’s understandable why some people react strongly when their team wins or loses. With this in mind, consider what you plan to do after the event, whether that’s hitting a nearby bar, staying at the event to enjoy the festivities of the victors, or simply trying to stay out of the way of the more aggressive revelers.

By solidifying your logistical plans, keeping your area of travel small, and having a plan following the game, you will be able to enjoy each and every minute of the big sporting event you choose to observe. Best of luck!

Keeping Your Travel Options Clean and Sparkling

When it comes to traveling, most people focus on the major and visible aspects of the journey. Traveling by cruise ship means luxury and size, traveling by airplane means speed and convenience, travel by car means gas prices and individuality.

But, you’re not going to have the best time if whatever travel option you choose isn’t clean and well-maintained. In some cases, you have to check on these cleanliness factors yourself, whereas other times it’s the owner of the type of transport in question that has to do the job. Regardless, it’s not too much extra effort to consider the cleanup efforts for boats and ships, cars, airplanes, motorcycles, and even bicycles when it comes to the best way to travel.

Boats and Ships

Believe it or not, any water-based transportation type is going to dirty, a lot. And add the moisture factor to that, and it means a whole lot of deep cleaning. Everything from painting and buffing the outside, to keeping the engine and moveable navigation parts clean and in shape, to heavy duty carpet cleaning to prevent mold in the flooring. There are whole industries just based on cleaning yachts!


When it comes to traveling by car, no one wants to spend time in a dirty vehicle. There are different stages of cleanliness in this regard, obviously, but getting a car detailed every once in awhile isn’t a bad idea, while at least keeping dirt and old food and junk out of it (especially if you’re heading on a long trip) is an absolute necessity. And even if you’re heading out in a rental, having a trash bag inside and regularly dumping it out on your trip is going to make you feel better in general about your traveling circumstances.


Obviously, you aren’t going to be doing the cleaning when it comes to airplanes, but it still is nice if you understand how airplanes get cleaned, both inside and outside. Because you are hurtling through the air in a gigantic metal structure, safety and cleanliness are two of the top priorities of airline companies.


Traveling by motorcycle is more about safety than cleanliness, simply because of the open-air factor, but one thing you’d want to avoid for sure are any parts that end up being greasy or slippery. Accidents are bad enough without having to worry about that type of additional factor.


And though you probably aren’t going to ride a bike to any sort of travel and vacation destination, you still might want to bike around when you get there. And if you don’t want to end up in one type of frustrating situation, then keeping your bike chain clean at the very least should be one of your first checks.


Milan getaway weekend guide

Are you an art lover? A football fan? Maybe a history explorer? Or you are a bit of everything? Then, grab your bag and head to Milan. This city will give you the pleasure to see and explore everything you want.

Milan area is served by three airports: Malpensa International Airport (MXP); the second largest airport in Italy: Linate Airport (LIN), used for domestic or European countries flights; and Orio al Serio Airport (BGY), located near city of Bergamo, which serves international flights from low cost airlines. These airports are well connected to the city of Milan via public transport, buses and trains. Airport taxis are available in front of the Arrivals area or you can book online private  airport transfer to Milan.

Milan Cathedral

The best place to start your journey is maybe the landmark of the city – Milan Cathedral located on Duomo square. Dedicated to St Mary, it took around six centuries for the cathedral to be completed. Its massive structure (5th largest church in the world and 2nd in Italy) includes mixture of almost every style in the world. The Cathedral was built in several architectural genres and differences can be easily spotted: from gothic to modern styles (the Cathedral was officially finished in 1805 but it is continually updating). If you come to visit this cathedral, don’t miss out to climb on the opened roof (first you’ll need to buy a ticket), which is famous for openwork pinnacles and spires, from where you can see some fascinating sculptures.

Museo del Novecento

If you want to see more than 400 works from the twentieth century, the best place to go is Museo del Novecento. Most of the works are Italian, but you can also find some stuff from other parts of the world. Here, you can find works from almost every artistic movement of the previous century: Abstractionism, Arte Povera, the Novecento Italiano, Post-Impressionism and Realism, landscape and monumental art.

Apart from this, you can also buy some classic books in the museum’s bookshop, and eat and drink in the restaurant-bar on the top floor, spectacularly looking at Piazza del Duomo. The rooms are chronologically ordered and you will additionally see plenty of comments about Italian history.

Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Another place that is worth visiting is the church and convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Build in the 15th century, the convent was almost completely destroyed during the World War II, but was soon restored. The most important thing that survived the war is perhaps the most discussed work of art, probably in whole world:  The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. It is the most famous mural of Milan and one of the most iconic pictures in the world of art. Often damaged by its keepers, the picture remains to be one of the most spoken, debated and controversial works of art. You can find the picture hidden on a wall of the refectory of the church.

Parco Sempione

If you would like to enjoy in a relaxed stroll and experience the nature of Milan, the best place to go is the famous Parco Sempione. You will find it in the historic centre of the city, broadening on 386,000 m². Apart from the astonishing nature, here you can find Arena Civica, the public aquarium, and the Torre Branca tower.

  • Arena Civica is a stadium in neoclassical style, which hosts football matches, concerts, and all other kinds of events.
  • The public aquarium is home for over 100 different underwater lives
  • The Torre Branca tower is a panoramic tower made of iron from where you can see even the Alps

Parco Sempione has a large number of sculptures and free wireless.

San Siro (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza)

The football stadium is most famous for being the home of two of the world’s biggest football clubs: Inter Milan and AC Milan. If you are lucky, you can also enjoy in a concert of some of the biggest music stars today: Pearl Jam, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Muse are some of the names that have made unforgettable concerts here. Don’t forget to visit San Siro museum and see many of the things that legendary players once wore as well as the numerable trophies.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

You can’t visit Milan and skip buying some brand piece of clothing, even a simple scarf or a pair of gloves. If you want to see how a real shopping mall looks like, go to The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world’s biggest and oldest malls. Milan is the birthplace of fashion, thus it is no surprise that here you can find everything you have ever imagined. This shopping mall is renowned first of its architectural aspect for being made of two glass-vaulted arcades. The mall has got a lot of shops, restaurants and galleries.

Al Peck, Milan

After all that walking and sightseeing, you will definitely need something to eat and drink. The best place to relax after a long day is undoubtedly Al Peck – the paradise for all food and drink lovers. Spreading on three levels, this exquisite restaurant is often referred as the food equivalent of Louis Vuitton. It is not cheap, but you can taste some of the most delicious food and wine.