Keep Playing! Spain’s Senior Playgrounds Show You Can Have Fun at Any Age

weWe believe in the old adage that “age is just a number.” You can see it in our bikes and the people who love them; we’ve taken people who were 60 through 80 and had felt unhappy just sitting at home, and turned them into fun loving electric bikers, who can now cruise around town whenever they want, with or without their kids & grandkids.

So, it bring us great pleasure to see another organization that’s adopted this same mentality. In Europe, Spain is building playgrounds and parks specially made for retirees and golden-agers. Check out the video below!

You might be thinking – what’s so special about playgrounds for seniors? Well, beyond the general fact that they’re awesome, they offer a number of great benefits.

First off, they encourage mobility; this keeps you more flexible and nimble, and is good for not just your joints but your heart as well.

Second, by getting seniors out and about, it helps them make friends, stave off depression, and build stronger social bonds with their families and their community as a whole.

Case in point, “…once you stop moving, things go badly. If you exercise you feel better,” says retiree Manuel Francisco Martin. “When you go up a couple of steps you don’t get out of breath. When you walk for 10 minutes you feel calm and relaxed.”


Not only are these playgrounds heart-smart, they’re intelligent from a fiscal perspective too. With 40 to 45 percent of Spain’s population soon to be retirees, (according to PRI) it behooves the government to keep that population healthy. Instead of dealing with huge medical bills down the line, this initiative instead lets them spend far more modestly on playgrounds that not only look good, but do good as well. Now that’s a win-win!

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Finest way to get good accommodation

Want to spend a perfect time with your friends and family?  it’s time to search one of the best places to visit.  But before visiting the place it is very important to get a better place where you can reside in peace. If you are travelling to Koh Chang Island and want to select a best hotel then you need have to perform a deep research about the hotels where you can stay and keep your entire luggage. The hotel is a kind of place where you can easily keep up the entire luggage and other material without any fear and can travel all around the different places.

Even if you want the hotels it is very necessary to have a deep research about every facility and other different things about the hotel as it is essential to know that the hotel you are booking is licensed or not, the staffs are genuine, etc.  After then only book the hotel accordingly. These days’ people are visiting Kon Chang for making their holidays more happening and interesting, it is one of the best place to enjoy your weekend and you can also look for the best and the reasonable Koh Chang hotels with luxury facilities and a great team of staff.

Here are top steps to choose the finest hotel

  • Select the hotel accordingly: If you are selecting a hotel then it is necessary to select a hotel near the location from where you can get each and everything easily. It is not at all important to book a hotel in the mid of the town you can book the hotel according to your own wish and desire.  You should check all the availability near your hotel this will help you to easily get the things you want without wasting your time and money to travel long distance.
  • Search for the hotel as per your budget: In Koh Chang you will find a huge amount of hotel, but it is totally depend upon you to select that hotel that is cheap and reasonable and comes under your budget.  You can also book the hotels online but for that also it is important to check out the price of the hotel and then book them.  You should also focus on the facilities and the size of the room as per the price of the hotel.
  • Be true what you want expect on your vacation: There are lot of people who have several desires, so it is necessary to understand what kind of place you want to be.  Before you are booking the hotel it is important to understand that both the need and the pleasure is fulfilled.  If you are travelling with family then people will look for beach side hotels, refrigerator, TV, etc. that will offer you full enjoyment and fun. Therefore it is pretty necessary to understand what you want out of your trip and then book the hotel accordingly.

These are some of the finest way to get the great hotel at Koh Chang and enjoy your vacation with your friends and family members.


Find the right horse trailer for the road you travel

When looking to buy horse trailer, there are higher risks of “wrong choices” but the reasons really depend on a variety of factors. The best thing about owning a horse trailer is being able to pack up anytime and hit the road for days full of adventure. However, not every horse trailer would make your journey as comfortable and fun as some specifically fit to your requirements. The elements of concern will be a tuff choice between safety (both your and the horse’s), quality and model of trailer, the carrying capacity of the trailer, the legalities involves in your state and lastly, your budget.


Like any other investment that you make, it is also important to have your homework ready before you buy a new horse trailer.

Firstly, how much do you need to carry?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider before buying a horse trailer is the specific use it will be put through. The trailer necessary for a fun ride through the countryside would be a lot different than one that will be used to transport a lot of goods or carry stocks. You will also need to consider the weight of the passengers who would be regularly using the trailer.

For owners with greater needs, a 3 horse trailer would be a good choice. This will not only add strength to the ride but also make it more comfortable for the individual horses to bear your load. Make sure that your horses are always able to pull more than 10% of the existing load at any time.

A choice between bumper pull and gooseneck

Horse trailers, as you would already know comes in two varieties – bumper pulls and 2 horse Gooseneck Trailer. Well, if you are harnessing more than three horses, a gooseneck is considered to be a better choice as it allows more space for feeding and turning. However, anything fewer than three horses, a bumper pull will quite suffice. Also, 3 horse bumper pull trailers are cheaper than gooseneck alternatives.

If you’re buying them online under horse trailers for sale, do check if both have options for either slant load or straight load. But, a straight load will again be a better option with three horses or less and a bumper pull design.

What about the flooring?

Last of things would be the flooring. It is an area that can compromise or compensate the safety of the horse and therefore the rider. Well, trailer floors again come in a lot of materials – wood, aluminum, WERM, etc. whatever you choose, make sure that it doesn’t ever get a chance to break off during transit. With wood, make sure that any case of rotting is immediately addressed. With aluminum, make sure that that nuts and bolts are always tight and with WERM similarly, the mat should never show signs of decay.

Essential Items for a Backpacking Trip

Backpacking is a fun and exciting adventure that allows you to explore new places while getting healthy exercise and fresh air. When going out in the wilderness, however, it’s important that you are well prepared. Let’s look at some of the most important items to bring with you on a backpacking trip.



You should always make plans for shelter, even if you plan to return the same day. If you’re going to be sleeping in a cabin or a vehicle, you should still have a sleeping bag to keep you warm. You should also bring a sleeping pad to keep you warm and dry if you sleep on the ground. A tarp is always good to have as well, in case you get caught in the rain. If you plan to sleep in the woods, you’ll need a tent that’s in good condition as well as tent poles and stakes.


Keep in mind that weather can change drastically when you’re outdoors for many hours. Always wear good hiking shoes or boots, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Pack an extra pair of thick socks, a raincoat with hood and a hat for sun protection. Another beenie style hat is good to pack for warmth. Depending on the weather forecast, you might want to pack extra layers, including thermal underwear, a sweatshirt and lightweight jacket.

Food and Water

Bring at least two quart water bottles. Screw-on water filters are useful for filling up your bottles in streams. If you’re not sure about the purity of local water, bring water purification drops.

If you have a camping stove or will be visiting a campsite with cooking facilities, you can bring canned items. However, you should also bring food that doesn’t need to be cooked, such as sandwiches. Go Bacon Jerky is a tasty and nutritious source of protein and calories. You can also bring trail mix or energy bars. Keep food in secure containers to keep it fresh and to avoid attracting bears and other hungry animals.

Don’t forget to bring a cup, bowl and spoon for eating. Traditional army-style mess kits are convenient for providing utensils and items for cooking and eating.

Gear for Safety and Navigation

Many items can help you stay safe on the trail. Here are some of the most important.

Flashlight with extra batteries. A head lamp is even better.
First aid kit.
Insect repellant.
Sun screen.
A good map of the area.
Compass. Modern devices with GPS are always good, but never count on them working everywhere.
Swiss army style knife with can opener and scissors.
Bear repellent spray.

Top 5 places to visit in Canada

Canada is one such country has enormous reasons for one to fly and explore this country. It is a destination for job seekers, students, globetrotters and many more. The combination of cosmopolitan and lushness has made this country one of the sought after places in the world. It plays an ideal host for everyone by offering the life that they crave with its enviable presence. The vibrant ambiance from coast to coast will surely hook you up and cast a magical spell. Check out online to learn about Canada, its places, culture and many more things.

Following is a list of top 5 places to visit in Canada,

Niagara Falls: The well-known talk of the town, Niagara Falls is a famous spot of the country visited by thousands every day. The natural attraction is located at an hour’s drive from the capital city, Toronto. Located on the edge of the country, it is a cascade of three waterfalls, namely Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. For utmost Niagara experience, you can go for Hornblower Niagara Cruises or Helicopter Ride. Things to do at this charismatic place include Whirlpool Aero Car, evening at Botanical Garden, Fallsview Casino, Skylon Tower to check out the best views of the Falls, etc.

Vancouver: Vancouver Island is a home to numerous attractions, events, and activities for young and old. Vancouver Stanley Park is one of the well-known treasures. Fenced by the ocean at one side, this 405 hectare Park is crowned by lust red cedar and Douglas Fir trees. It is known for long walking, jogging and biking path. Albeit, a number of people visit this resplendent place, the tranquillity that it offers had never faded even for once. The Rose Garden, Vancouver Aquarium, and Beaver Lake are some other highlights of the Vancouver. Booking cheap flights to Vancouver has now become easy with online booking service and enjoying the best service.

Whistler: To skip the hustle and bustle of a city, drive to Whistler, a magical snow-capped destination located off the beaten track. It is a hushed resort and village, slowly gaining attention for its picturesque and peaceful settings. In 2010, it played host to Winter Olympic Games. Today, it has become one of the most preferred summer destinations. Blessed with lively and amorous climate, one can participate in golf, mountain biking, learn skiing and take pleasure in several recreational activities.

Old Quebec: Old Quebec is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a home to the most historic edifices. Divided into Lower and Upper towns, the Lower Town lies next to St. Lawrence River and houses world’s most photographed hotel, Chateau Frontenac. Citadel, the Plains of Abraham, Parque Historique de I’Artillerie, are some of the highlights of Upper Town. The European settings are another bite to munch while being here.

Banff National Park and The Rocky Mountains: The Canadian top list is undoubtedly incomplete without the Banff National Park and The Rocky Mountains. The amazing Park lies in the arms of the snow crowned Mountains. Known for stunning vistas, it is a pleasing amalgamation of luscious glaciers, turquoise lakes, and snow crowned peaks.

Canada has been one favourite destination for many globetrotters as it offers ace opportunities to explore its nature and metro life.


Dating On Vacation: The Science of Love

When it comes to vacations, there are a few broad categories that you can put yourself in so far as dating goes. If you’re already with someone, then you’re going to want to take them out on perfect dates at your destination. If you’re single, you’re going to want to find the places to go in order to find these dates and potential hook-ups.

And neither traveling nor dating has to be complicated. A few topics to consider to ease your mind might be thinking about the natural progression of love over time, how to embrace your chemicals, how travels alters the dating process, the best places to look for attraction, and the fact that it’s always communication that’s the biggest key to success.

The Natural Progression of Love Over Time

It’s never good to into battle unprepared, so before you worry too much about the specifics of dating (especially while traveling on things like vacations), make it a point to study love as a topic. Find out the psychology of love, and lust, and attraction; by understanding the natural progression of love over time, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of finding a partner that fits your current interests.

Embracing Your Chemicals

Do you know what your happy chemicals are? Do you know how adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins, and your other chemicals work to make you awake, or frustrated, or excited, or content? If you don’t have those basics down, then you’re going to be confused about dating and love no matter where you are, vacation or otherwise! A little bit of short reading will clear up some of your misconceptions so that you can approach the idea with a clear mind.

How Travel Changes Dating

To understand how travel alters the dating process, simply look up the best places to travel to for relationships. It’s that easy. Look at the results, and decide what it is about those places that hold a special interest to men and women who are looking to find that romantic connection. Reverse engineer what you come up with, then make it work for you!

Best Places To Look For Attraction

And then once you’re in the right city, state, or country for love, where do you go to find love? Well, it depends on what kind of love you’re looking for. Bars and clubs would be the answer if you’re looking for youth and energy. Museums or art shows might be places to find the more intellectually inclined. Use logic to determine connection possibilities.

Communication Is the Key

As with all relationship-type talk, especially when traveling is involved, make sure that you’re super clear when it comes to communication from the very beginning. That more than people understand what to expect, realistically, the better the opportunity for true bonding.


Know all about Alexandra Floating Restaurant

Floating restaurant is a large vessel of wood and usually consists of a steel barge on water. There are many floating restaurants in the world. A major attraction in the world is the Alexandra Floating Restaurant in Dubai. Here a wooden vessel has been used for the restaurant which was earlier used for trading purposes. Such a restaurant was traditionally built on Dhows that were wooden vessels that were refurbished and renovated into multi-cuisine restaurants. Slowly the idea that was initiated in the early nineties grew and Alexandra Floating Restaurant among several others became a tourist attraction. In such restaurantyou can easily hosts various private events. Today, Alexandra Floating Restaurant among other restaurants in the vicinity is an international tourist destination with state of the art facilities and the beautiful lights that light up the Dhow at night.

Ever since the area around Dubai Marina was opened for tourists there were many possibilities to start various businesses to bring repute and income for the area. There are about seven boats in the Dubai Marina area and Alexandra Floating Restaurant was among the first to start its service as early as 2009. There are two distinct areas in Dubai where the floating restaurants are located. One is the Dubai Creek area and the other is the Dubai Marina area. Dubai Creek has more than 25 boats and Dubai Marina has a little over eight boats. Although, Dubai Marina has much less boats that Dubai Creek, still the quality of operators in Dubai Marina is much higher.  The parking fees in Dubai Marina are much higher and the clientele is also high brow. One of the primary reasons for this is that Dubai Creek is located in the old part of Dubai whereas Dubai Marine is located in the new part of Dubai. There is a wide selection of cuisine on Alexandra Floating restaurant serving up to five course meals. The Alexandra Floating Restaurants serves a wide variety of sea food tapped fresh from the sea. The variety of food served has made it popular among the foreign tourists. The best time to visit the Alexandra Floating Restaurant is during the evening hours when the sun sets to its colorful best. There is a wide selection of fine wine and other alcoholic beverages besides others that don’t contain alcohol.

Alexandra Floating Restaurant is among the best restaurants that Dubai has to offer. It started out as vessels for trading proposes but gradually developed into a tourist destination with new businesses established. Lately Middle East has become a much favored tourist destination with great facilities and means of recreation for its foreign and in-home tourists. Restaurants like the floating restaurant have helped bring in a lot of revenue to the area which has helped to develop the area even further. Alexandra Floating Restaurant was among the first of its kind in the area and helped in boosting trade in the area by helping make Dubai and popular tourist destination.


5 Reasons to Consider Studying Abroad in College

There are dozens of reasons why studying abroad can be a really great thing for almost all college students. There is no experience more enriching when you’re in college, and there is no doubt that you will come home having grown and learned a lot more than you could have ever expected. Here are 5 reasons to consider studying abroad in college.

  1. Learn a New Language

One of the best perks of studying abroad is that you get the opportunity to learn a foreign language fluently. There’s a good chance that even though you took foreign language classes in high school, and maybe even at a college like Northeastern University, you still don’t feel like you’re very fluent in the language. That’s because you haven’t actually been immersed in the culture and forced to speak and listen every day. The great thing about studying abroad is that you have the benefit of immersion.

  1. Enrich Yourself Culturally

You can study a wide host of cultures in books, you can eat at all kinds of international restaurants, you can watch foreign movies and you can get to know plenty of immigrants in your own home town, but nothing is as culturally enriching as living in another country. When you live in a completely different country for a year, or even for a semester, you will get the chance to really learn what life is like outside of the United States and you will have a much better understanding of another culture’s overall world perspective.

  1. Become More Independent

If there’s one way to really up the ante on your own personal independence, it’s by studying abroad. You will have to learn so many new skills very quickly, and you will learn to rely on yourself to learn all kinds of life lessons. If there’s one thing that most people experience when they go back home, it’s that everything in life feels a lot easier once you don’t have the extra challenge of being a foreigner.

  1. Meet New People

When you travel to a foreign country and learn to speak another language, you will have the opportunity to get to know all kinds of people that you would never be able to meet, let alone speak to, otherwise. This means that you will make all kinds of connections around the world with locals in the town where you are going to school, as well as international students from all over the world.  These people could not only be lifelong friends but also become a part of your professional network.

  1. Boost Your Resume

There’s nothing like time spent abroad to really make your resume stand out. If the work or the studies you engaged in while you were abroad are in any way connected to the career path you would like to take, then this will definitely give you a huge leg up. So if you really want to stand out from the crowd, studying abroad will definitely give you that little edge that you’re looking for.


The most common attraction on this island is its massive volcano that covers a large section of the land. The islands are spread at a stretch of 1,500 miles and the biggest of them all is the “Big Island”. Hawaii is known for its incredible beauty and promises a relaxing time for every tourist. There are numerous hotels and condos, which can provide you a comfortable accommodation and a great summer trip. The Hawaii vacation rentals offer beautiful locations to stay and a wide variety of things to do.


Hawaii is the most visited destination by the tourists from all around the world during summers. There are many islands and attractions, but below are some of the best and must visit locations by every visitor in Hawaii-

  1. Pearl Harbour

Visit Pearl harbour, a lagoon harbour located in the west location of Honolulu. It is a station of United States deep water naval base and it was this location that was attacked by Japan in 1941, which brought the US into the world war II. The visiting rights on this island is limited, but few sections are opened occasionally for tourists to visit and admire the mighty naval army of the US.

     2.   Hanauma Bay

This is the most popular tourist destination and hold a record of housing over 3 million visitors per year. From intense marine life to geological hotspots, there are numerous attractions that will make your summer trip worth your time. The hanauma bay nature preserve hold up to 5000 species of marine life and is known to attract many curious nature lovers.

   3.   Diamond Head

This is a name of a volcano that has many complex vents and cones symmetrical with its eruption. This is approximately 200,000 years old and is known to be explosive in nature. The round top of the volcano and the magnificent view is all that brings visitors towards its beauty.

 4.   Sea Life Park

It is a marine park that includes other features like bird sanctuary and aquarium. It is located to the north of hanauma bay at Oahu island. There are many attractions like large aquariums, marine theatres, Dolphin cove show, Bird Sanctuary and Hawaiian monk seal habitat.

     5.   Honolulu Zoo

It is a 42 acre zoo situated on the Honolulu island in Hawaii. This is a platform for millions of nature lovers and scientists, to enter the wildlife and observe its functioning at the closest. From birds, mammals and other vegetative production, there are hundreds of species that are waiting for you to be explored this summer.

Create the best summer trip this season to Hawaii and experience the true meaning of souls searching and relaxation at its best.