Headed Out Of Town? 3 Ways To Leave Stress At Home

3 Sources Of Stress That Spoil Vacations

Unlike our peers in countries with more robust vacation practices, Americans aren’t known for their ability to take time off and relax. Grabbing a week with our families, then, often turns into taking a week to worry helplessly about what’s going on at home, and then coming home to a ton of work, chores, and responsibilities that were neglected while you were gone. There must be an alternative.

Though there’s not much that can transform a habitual worrier into a relaxed beach bum, there are certainly ways to minimize that stress so you can enjoy your vacation. By planning in advance, choosing responsible people to handle problems while you’re away, and acknowledging what tasks will await you when you arrive home, you can take a vacation without carrying every concern with you.

Expect The Best, Plan For The Worst

One of the problems with trying to eliminate all possible worries while you’re on vacation is that some of your concerns will inevitably be legitimate ones, such as worries about health problems abroad, lost luggage, or an urgent change of plans. Reduce your anxieties by buying appropriate travel insurance. With travel insurance, you can guarantee that you’ll have access to medical care if someone gets sick or get a refund if you suddenly can’t go on the trip. Even if you aren’t worried about these issues, it’s always better to travel prepared – and that means traveling with insurance.

Prep Your Work Team

We’ve all seen them – the people wandering around the streets of a tourist destination while yelling at their coworkers who are trying to problem solve hundreds of miles away. In many cases, these are the people who simply don’t know how to take a vacation, but sometimes it’s an indicator that this person didn’t adequately prepare their coworkers for the tasks left behind.

You can prevent yourself from becoming that person yelling on the phone by prioritizing key information transfers in the time before you leave for vacation. Tell people what they need to know, but don’t overload them with extra information – you’re going on vacation, not going on sabbatical for six months. The more clearly you communicate this key information, the less likely your colleagues are to call you in a panic while you’re away.

Don’t Forget The Pets

For families with pets, going on vacation means not just arranging for human accommodations, but also finding appropriate care for your furry friends. Give serious thought to who will take care of your pet while away so that you feel confident they are well cared for. Many people choose to board their pets with their vets, as they know their pet will be safe there, but this can be stressful for pets who have negative associations with the veterinarian.

Hiring a pet sitter is typically a better solution when you go on vacation, as that allows your pet to remain in a familiar environment, and you can make arrangements with the sitter to receive regular pictures of your pet or phone updates. Pet sitters can also keep you updated in case something goes wrong at your home, since they’ll be passing in and out regularly.

If going on vacation means taking all of your stress with you, then you’re doing something wrong. Before your next trip, think about what typically worries you while away, and consider what solutions might make you feel more at ease – then take those steps. What good is a vacation if it’s not a break from your daily stresses?