How to Prepare Your Motorcycle Road Trip in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful destination to go for holidays – and one of the best ones to ride a bike. If you are looking to do a motorcycle tour there, it’s the right place to go. As two-wheels are so deeply enrooted into the local culture, you will be able to choose from many places to rent your bike: resorts, backpacker hostels… even some restaurants!


Decide on the right place

In front of such a  of facilities to hire a bike from, our first advice would be to choose the safest one. Quality of maintenance of the bikes and prices will differ largely from one place to another. Go for a place where people speak English: you will have more chances to discuss and understand about insurance conditions or what happens in case the bike breaks down. Don’t hesitate to contact agencies who organize motorbike tours in Thailand – they often have good network there and will be able to guide you towards reliable companies.

Choose the right type of bike

  • Decide on the size of your engine according to your needs. Obviously, the larger the engine, the more power it has (but higher is the cost!). If you weight more than 80 kgs, or if you are planning to travel for a while outside the city (up north in the mountains, or in the countryside), we suggest you opt for the biggest cc rating.
  • If your budget allows it, prefer a new bike rather than an old one. A motorcycle under 2 or 3 years old means more power, better brakes, better tires, and a better fuel efficiency which means saving money over gas during your trip. It can be useful to make a little price comparison beforehand to see if the extra rental price of a new bike compensates the fuel you would save with it.yunnan-motorcycle-tour

Check-up thoroughly the bike

Before you set off, look closely at every part of the bike you have chosen and list any damages or scratches you see. Take a picture of it – it can easily be done with your smartphone. Sit on the bike and bounce up and down to make sure suspensions are working well. What we suggest is also to go for a little test ride before paying anything. This will allow you to check mirrors, size of the seat (your knees shouldn’t hurt because of the handlebar), test the brakes, and acceleration. Take the bike if you only feel comfortable with everything – and have the feeling that this motorcycle can be your road companion for the time you need it.

Ride safely

In order to ensure your security, wear a helmet – this is compulsory! The more it covers your face, better it is. Also, wear gloves – even if you are the only one doing it! Your hands are the first ones to suffer if you have an accident, they are precious. Obviously, don’t drink and drive, and try to avoid driving at night. A lot of places are not well lightened in Thailand and it can be dangerous.

You are now ready for your big road trip ! Enjoy the ride.