Take A Road Less Traveled For A Higher Purpose

When you stand back and look at where your life has taken you, what do you hope to see? Did you live a life worthy of the time you spent here or did you merely slog along with the herd? Did you spend what little free time you had shuffling forward in the lines of some banal theme park or packed elbow to elbow amidst a coconut oil soaked sea of humanity? What would it look like for you to shed your stress and travel with a purpose, a real knee shaking, jaw dropping, head exploding purpose. In what ways can you be a traveler who makes a difference?.

Serving the greater good

When you travel to support disaster relief or to come to the aid of those in dire need, you fulfill some pretty heavy basic needs of humanity. We all have a deep-seated need to be difference makers.  We have all been desperately in need at a time or two in our lives as well. Being in a position to use our abundance of time, talent, or funds to care for others in their darkest moments, helps us connect as humans at such an amazingly deep level. The friendships and memories you make while serving will be so magnificently rich and abundant, so palpable in hindsight, your eyes may well up as you remember the experience.

On a mission

Depending on your particular faith, a missionary journey may be a direction to seek. Should you have an opportunity, many mission trips involve serving a community or people group in need. Many times a mission trip will involve serving children, building central community structures, or assisting the sick and hurting. You have the opportunity to fulfill an inner calling and to show those in need the meaning of the philosophy and faith you follow.

Personal recovery

If you have lived life at too frenetic a pace or have let the vices of this world control your life, consider taking some time to rehab far away. Choose a location that will offer you some respite from your hectic daily view. Choosing to do this will allow you to sever ties from the people or other causal agents that have served to aid in your particular addiction. Allow yourself the time and environment for the healing and detoxing that your system needs. Separate yourself from society for the space your mind needs for a strong and total recovery.

Self discovery

Have you been spending your days in a Walter Mitty-like coma, dreaming of climbing mighty cloud-shrouded peaks, or surfing giant rollers in shark infested seas? Maybe you need to test your inner self with a trip that pushes you out of your comfort zone and into the deep waters of fear. Perhaps it is more about the struggle for survival in dire circumstance, maybe you need to push yourself to conquer vast expanses of desert or to float the slow muddy dark banked rivers of the deep Amazon. Whatever it might be, journeys of self discovery bring life to a sharper focus, illuminating the important and dulling the mundane. These journeys help you to slough off the dead skin of our lives and grasp and appreciate the relationships that matter.

Perhaps it is time for you to stop, look and listen. No, you are not crossing a road like a child, you are an adult who has reached a crossroad in your life. You have come to a conclusion that you need a collision. You need to have your worldview shaken and stretched. So dig deep, breathe deeper, and take a step onto the road less taken. Your soul will thank you for it.