6 Best Jungle Tourist Destinations In India You Should Visit


India has 40 reserved national parks and with over 450 wildlife sanctuaries, India has become one of the best destinations if you want to experience some really thrilling jungle experience. From north to south, India has something to offer on wildlife and jungle tourism everywhere. This idea helps in the economy by attracting tourists and it also keeps the animals safe by getting slaughtered through the hunters.

6 Best Jungle Tourist Destinations In India

Listening to birds chirping and watching those wild animals with such a short distance is an experience like no other. Getting to feel the nature and relaxing in such environment while watching your favorite animals and birds sounds like a dream but there are many wildlife sanctuaries and reserved national parks in India where you can experience it without facing any dangers. Following are some of the destinations where you can experience best jungle tourism in India and out of which Wayanad is the best.

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6 Best Jungle Tourist Destinations In India

1. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

You can experience some wild in open area in Ranthambore National park which is located in Rajasthan. In this experience, all you have to do is take a seat and it will take you to the adventure of wildlife where wild cats kill their predators to survive and watching it live is a whole different experience. You can also find other wild animals, domestic animals, many different species of birds etc. The best time to visit is in march-may although the park is open from October to June.

2. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Kaziranga National Park located in Assam is the home of many animals but it is special for one horned Rhinoceros, If you wish to see a one horned Rhinoceros then look nowhere because Kaziranga National Park is the best place for you. Along with massive Rhinos, this park also has elephants, panthers, bears and many species of birds. spread across 429 square kilometers the Kaziranga is one of the largest national parks. also, it is far away from human population and this is the real reason why the animal flourishing beautifully.

November to the end of the April is the best time to visit that national park.

3  Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra

Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955, Tadoba is the great place to spend your time with friends or family watching those cats go wild for food. There is a lake located to in the center of the park and you can have a relaxing time there. along with tigers which are normal species in every national park, there are hyenas, deer, leopards and so on. Best time to visit the park is in summer when animals make their way out in the park since the loss of vegetarian. Although the park is open from October to June.

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4. Sunderban National Park, West Bengal

Have you ever seen or heard of a tiger swimming in the water? well, Sunderban National Park starts with a water ride which leads you to the dense forest where you can find tigers swimming in the water. It’s pretty unusual that tigers swimming in the water but they’ve adapted to it and if you haven’t seen any then Sunderban National Park in West Bengal is the destination for you. Its an all new experience and I’d say pretty much unique and a once in a lifetime experience to see your favorite cats go wild or relax underwater.

The park is open all over in the year but the best time to visit is in October to April.

5. Wayanad National Park, Kerala

Wayanad National Park in Kerala is very popular among the tourists who visit here. This ride takes you in the jungle where you can find many species of birds. Entry fees and price is differentiated between Indian and foreigners.

There is an elephant ride to where they will show you 250 different species of birds and wildlife trekking is also available where you can do trekking for almost 5 hours.

For an hour safari, they charge 300 INR to an Indian while they charge 1100 INR to a foreigner. You can enjoy a night stay in one of the mesmerizing resorts of wayanad and there lighting a campfire and enjoying the night in the middle of wild. Wayanad has much more up its sleeves and it is a delight to be there.

6. Gir National Park, Gujarat

Gujarat has been lately popular for the Asiatic lions. Gujarat is the only state in India where the Asiatic lions live. To see them every year millions of people visit Gujarat. Gir National Park gives perfect experience to its visitors. Along with Asiatic lions, the Gir National Park is the home to 26 mammals and 200 bird species and 26 reptiles. So, not only Gir National Park is famous for its Asiatic lions but it also gets its sparks from the other species that live within and it a perfect destination for the visitors.

The best time to visit the park is in October to May.


  1. Nice list. I love to travel in some challenging jungle like areas but i live in Chandigarh and have no option to visit these kind of places. I am planning trip for next month and you have given me a huge list to choose my favorite destination. Great stuff.


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