Best Beach Destinations In India You Should Visit During Vacation


If you are looking for a great year this time after the summer vacation of your children, then you need to go on a beach to get a sun bath for next three days and enjoy the salty air of the place. India has over 7500 KM long coastline, and there are a large number of beaches here. You will be surprised to count the number of total beaches which normally tourist visit, and there are even others which only the local people of the area use. So today we are going to talk about seven best beach destinations in India which you must visit once in the life time.

7 Best Beach Destinations In India

1. Baga Beach, Goa

Best beach destinations In India You Should Visit

One of the first names which will click in your mind as soon as you say Beach is Goa. People here enjoy sunbathing, swimming, parasailing and much more different kind of water sports,and adventure sports which one might do when he is in Goa. You will surely enjoy some DJ parties at the beach. You can even be a part of the grandest New year Beach party heald at Candolim beach. Beaches here are quite good, and you can find some friendly people over here. Although you must not visit beaches at night in Goa after 2 AM.

2. Gokarna

Best beach destinations In India You Should Visit

You can claim it to be a part of Goa, just cause it is on the cost line. Otherwise, it is well away from Goa by 200 KM. The place is famous for the Mahabaleshwar Temple you have at the place. You can enjoy the sun set at the place and can read your favorite book at the beach when you have no one to disturb you at the beach. The beaches here are fun still it has religion also blended. There are some beaches at the place among which Paradise Beach and the Half-Moon Beaches are the best, and you must visit those.

3. Ganpatipule

Best beach destinations In India You Should Visit

This beach is located in Maharashtra, you can find a nice view with the red sand, and shallow water which means you can stand really inside the sea having the cost almost half a KM away from you. The beach is near Ratnagiri and around 35 KMs far from Jaigad Fort. The views you get from the place is really mesmerizing and you will find some great photographic scenes here at the place.

4. Marari

Best beach destinations In India You Should Visit

Kerala has always been known for its beauty. The main reason the beach of Marari is famous just for the sake of the beach resort which is a lavish property which has a blend of modern day comfort and some recreational activities that happens around the resort. The beautiful natural beauty of the place around the resort will keep you mesmerized till you are back home.

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5. Havelock

Best beach destinations In India You Should Visit

Traveling to Andaman is itself a great experience, and you will be amazed by the views you get while you are traveling to the place. When you are here you will get to see some vibrant coral reefs, and the calm air will keep you fresh for the next one month, and once you are back home, you will again start packing for the next trip to the place. Here you also have Radhanagar and Elephant beaches which are the best beaches If you are planning to have a nice swim at the place.

6. Lighthouse Beach

Best beach destinations In India You Should Visit

This beach is located in Kovalam. This is one of the most popular beaches you will find in south India. The beach here has one highlight as a lighthouse. Here you can find some tourist and European tourists are the one you will find in a handful of numbers. You can enjoy the rocky beach with the calm water, and you can easily enjoy playing in the sea water with your loved one.

7. Vizag

Best beach destinations In India You Should Visit

This is one of the busiest harbor of India, and here you can find some ships. The city is a busy one, and you will just feel as you are in the same city from where you are coming. The main difference will be played by Beaches, one of the best beaches here is Ram Krishna Beach. Here you can easily walk to the beach; there is a number of parks and open air restaurants alongside the beach.

These are some of the beaches which are the best in India. If you feel any beach is missing, then do let us know in the comment section below.


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