Best Cities To Live and Work in Canada For Immigrants and Residents


Canada is indeed a wonderful country to visit and live in. It’s beautiful and serene environment do attract lots of immigrants, coming for different purposes, such as to study, or to live and find a suitable place to work and earn a living. There are lots of vacation homes in Canada where you can book for a room and enjoy all the comfort you deserve. Maybe you are an immigrant who is looking for the best cities to live and work in Canada, I will show you some options in this post, which you can easily choose from.

Best Cities To Live and Work in Canada For Immigrants and Residents

Before you plan to move to Canada, one of the important thought that should run through your brain, is where to live in this new country, and possibly a suitable place to find a job if you intend staying for a long time. I took my time to gather various reports before providing you this helpful insights on the best cities to live and work in Canada.

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Best Cities To Live and Work in Canada: 2014 City Magnet Report

From the 2014 City Magnet report, about 50 Canadian cities were ranked based on certain key factors like education, health, housing, environment, innovation, and society. The reports considered Ottawa, Calgary, St John’s Vancouver, Richmond hill, and Waterloo to be among the best cities to live and work in Canada.

The whole of this top 6 Canadian cities I mentioned above, received an excellent grade “A” from the report, and this means that had a comfortable environment which attracted lots of residents from far and wide. Cities that received a grade “B” score form the reports includes; Markham, Toronto, and Mississauga, which means they are also one of the best place to live and work in Canada.

Each of this top 6 Canadian cities had particular features which is their strength, and it also made them to attract people from other countries who wishes to move to Canada. For example in 2014, Waterloo came out as the top Canadian city for migrants, due to its well-earned reputation for innovation and education. Waterloo ranked first in education, second in innovation, and third in the economy category.

Best Cities To Live and Work in Canada For Immigrants and Residents
Waterloo, Ontario

The study also reported that Vancouver is also one of the best cities in Canada for immigrants, as a result of its overall high quality life.

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The Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill is known as the third most multicultural city in Canada, having 59.3% of its residents as foreign-born. The city also has the highest number of graduates in engineering and sciences. Little wonder the Richmond Hill was highly rated for education, innovation and society.

The city of St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador got high score for the quality healthcare they offer to its residents. Ottawa, the capital city of Canada was noted for its economy, innovation, education, and society. Calgary was the only city to came first in two categories, and that is economy and innovation.

Some recent studies have also rated Canadian cities as one of the best places to live in. For instance, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto among the 10 most livable cities in the world in their 2014 report. One of the major reasons why thousands of immigrants in the world chooses to move to Canada each year, is because the country offers its 35 million residents one of the highest standard of living. If you also wish to live and work in Canada, then you should go to the nearest immigration office in your country and fund out if you are eligible to apply for a Canadian Visa.

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Best Cities To Live and Work in Canada 2017 Report

I keep on emphasising of great Canada is, as a country to live in. I guess you also agree with that fact. However, the quality of life and number of opportunities available in Montreal is quite different from what you will find in medicine Hat. Life in Toronto moves at a different pace compared to that in Saskatoon. So, which of the cities comes up in top spot? Which are the best cities to live and work in Canada at the moment?

Well, from international opinion, Vancouver is placed as the top city in Canada at the moment. To be precise, it is one of the best place to live in the world right now. The Economist recently released the 2017 edition of their Liveability Report, which evaluates 140 cities in the world based on their quality of life. While the city of Melbourne in Australia took the first position for liveability, 3 Canadian cities also came up in the top 10 list of most liveable cities in the world. Vancouver was placed in the third position, Toronto fourth and Calgary was tied on the fifth spot with Adelaide in Australia.

Now moving back to Canada, MoneySense magazine’s team recently published their own list of best cities to live and work in Canada in 2017. Their jurisdiction was based on wealth and affordability, employment opportunities and taxes. crime, arts and culture etc. Ottawa, Ontario came up in the top 4 list. The full list is stated below.

Top 10 Cities and Towns To Live in Canada 2017

  1. Ottawa, Ont.
  2. Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Que.
  3. Oak Bay, B.C.
  4. North Saanich, B.C.
  5. Weyburn, Sask.
  6. Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Que.
  7. Albert, Alta.
  8. Mont-Royal, Que.
  9. Burlington, Ont.
  10. LĂ©vis, Que.

Vancouver came up in the 72nd spot among the list of 400 cities and twons evaluated. Calgary follows at number 75 and Canada’s largest city, Toronto is ranked 129th best place to live in the country. Though several Montreal suburbs are scored highly, the island city itself holds the 356th position out of the 400 cities and towns ranked.

Best Cities to Work in Canada

While the big cities in Canada tend to have greater job opportunities and thriving cultures, they lose some points of affordability. Out of all the cities in Canada, you should take time to find the best place to live if you have job opportunities as a major priority.

The quality of life in a region depend mostly on the number of job opportunities available. The more available jobs, the more security and freedom you will enjoy. The team at Adzuna (a website that aggregates online jobs ads from across different platforms, shared their 2017 report on the hiring climate across the country. Based on their report, the data below reveals the best cities to look for a job in Canada. .

Rank City, Province Employment Rate Average Salary
1. Regina, Saskatchewan 57.20% $43,776
2. Guelph, Ontario 55.90% $42,640
3. Kitchener, Ontario 55.30% $56,875
4. Edmonton, Alberta 54.20% $45,615
5. Calgary, Alberta 53.80% $74,813

I am quite shoe this post have given you a better insight on the best cities to live and work in Canada. As you are planning for your visa to Canada, always feel free to check on this write up to get the necessary information you need if you are planning to live and work in Canada.


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