15 Best Healthy Travel Snacks You Should Pack On Your Next Trip


If you are looking to pack your own food for the airport it may look like a useless thing to do.  This is because most of the corporate travelers are able to spend for their meals so why should you bother to bring your own? However, the fact is that there are many reasons to consider packing at least some snacks for your next trip. You may find a seasoned traveler sharing a horror story about an incident when they found themselves stuck on a plane for about four hours with limited water and food. The truth is that if you are an avid traveler this situation is most likely to occur if you will feel good to have a snack or two when you are stuck. Here we will talk about some of the best healthy travel snacks to pack with you.

14 Best Healthy Travel Snacks to Pack With You

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15 Best Healthy Travel Snacks

1. Protein Bars

If you are following a balanced diet, it gets so hard to stick to it while travelling, especially these foods that are rich in protein, but with best protein bars, this is not an issue anymore. Protein bars are great as travel snacks, rich in protein and really filling. You can pack some with you easily, as you can also order them online. They are the best pick for runners, fitness seekers, athletes, or body builders.

2. Nut and fruit bars          

You should look for bars made from real ingredients. This includes bars of fruits and whole nuts which gives you an exact idea about what you are eating. You can choose from dark chocolate mocha almond bar which contains very less quantity of sugar, and you are able to meet the requirement of your sweet tooth without any guilt.

3. Organic ground flaxseeds

You may be pleased to know that flaxseeds are full of nutrients and also includes anti-oxidants, fiber and omega -3 fatty acids. This will help you to stay full and would also get good support for your body. You can simply add them to your yoghurt, salads and smoothies.

4. Dried fruit

Although in small quantities dried fruit is a great option for you while traveling for a simple reason is that it is very portable. It would not turn bad and you can get access to it even on a busy day. Dried fruits are a great source of protein and energy.

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5. Protein Shakes

Yeah, these are my favorite, all you need to have is a cup of water and some scoops of your protein powder, and your lovely protein shake is ready to prepare in seconds. Wondering which kind of protein you need? It depends on the diet you are following and your activity level. If you are after ordinary needs, any flavor of Gold Standard Whey Protein will be okay, but if you are seeking protein powder for very high activity performance, you can go for Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein, you can also check this review for it.

6. Raw nuts

You may be surprised to know that raw nuts such as walnuts, almonds and cashews are one of the best foods for travelling.  Not only do they help you to keep well but if you are snacking on some of the few protein-rich nuts it can help you to boost your mood. You can keep your hunger at bay by always keeping some of the varieties with you while travelling.

7. Rice chips

If you are looking for gluten-free snacks then rice chips are a great option.  These are full of crunch and flavor any you would not have an upset tummy even if you have allergies. The best part of rice chips is that they make a good pairing with spreads and dips like jam, butter and guacamole. If you are looking for some great variety of rice chips you can go flavors like fiesta lime and wasabi.

8. Nut butter

Nut butter is full of nutrients and protein due to which it’s a great way to reenergize on a long day of sightseeing or travelling. Nut butters from Justin come in portable packets due to which you can try one with crackers or fruit.

9. Trail mix

If you are looking for some classic traveler’s food then trail mix. It contains good amount of nutrition and blend of flavors which makes it popular with large groups of people as it offers something for everyone.

10. Apples

If you bring along fruit while travelling it is a great way to stay hydrated and full. Apples are known for their high content of water and are full of fiber so they will keep your body full of energy in between your meals. In addition apples are very easy to fit in your bag when you are out.

11. Sliced Veggies

You can slice up some vegetables the night before travelling. This will help you to get a nutrient-rich and healthy snack that can last for the entire day.

12. Strawberries

You may find a fruit cup at the airport but it may not contain berries that are rich in fiber.  You will glad to know that every cup of strawberry offers you much more than your daily required quantity of vitamin C. You often get them packed in plastic container due to which they don’t get crushed.

13. Almonds

Almonds offer a great combination of fiber, protein and healthy fats along with 12 minerals and vitamins. They also good amount of magnesium and vitamin E. You can eat on their own or simply toss them on top of yoghurt from a shop at the airport.

14. Sandwich

Well the fact is that you cannot bring a large container of peanut butter to prepare your own sandwich but it is always better to get an already made sandwich with you. You can try banana slices and peanut butter on whole-grain bread.

15. Licorice tea and Pukka peppermint

When you get your own tea bags while on board it means that you are not fixed with whatever the airline offers you. This tea bought to you by Pukka is sweet and contains balanced amount of caffeine which helps you to snooze on board after sipping it.

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All the above snacks are the best healthy travel snacks to pack with you as they are not only full of nutrients and fibers but preparing all of these snacks just takes about an hour.  This simply means that you could actually prepare them in the morning you want to leave.  It also means that you could for sure prepare them the night before you travel until the day guarantees that it will just happen for sure. The best part of consuming these snacks is that they will keep you healthy and energized throughout your travel and also best for your trip and the airport. In case if you end up with leftover bites or cookies you should not forget to keep them in the refrigerator so that you can keep them along with other snacks all through your trip. All the above travel snacks are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and fibers and the best part is that they do not occupy much space.

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