Best Hill Stations in South India For Honey Moon And Tourism


India is a beautiful country. Each country has its specialty similarly India also has its specialty from food to tour. India is among the most important tourist places in the world. People usually desire to visit the hill stations in India.

Best Hill Stations in South India For Honey Moon And Tourism

Hill stations are the town with the elevated plains. The natural beauties of the hill station are more precisely admired by the tourists. The mountains, lakes, rivers, rainfall, etc. are the sight views of the hill station.

Hill stations are not only visited by the foreigners, but the people of India to desire to visit for the vacations. People usually visit hill stations for the summer holidays with family and friends. They are also preferred for the honeymoon trip by the newly wedded couples.

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Hill stations are not only situated in the northern part of the India. The Eastern and Western Ghats section is not less beautiful than the Himalayas in the north. There are several hill stations in the South India which are as beautiful as that of the North India.

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7 Best Hill Stations in South India

Let us know about the best hill stations of South India to admire their beauty and plan a trip with family and friends. The best hill stations in South India are:

1. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

It is also known as the “Manchester of South India.” It is situated on the bank of the River Noyyal. It has a series of natural attraction. It is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu. There are several destinations with natural beauty as well as temples, churches, dams, etc.

The important places you must in Coimbatore are the Monkey Falls, Kutralam Falls, Kodiveri Dam, Amravati Dam, Ayyappan Temple, Infant Jesus Church and much more.

2. Connor

It is the most beautiful and scenario hill stations in the south. It is the second largest hill station in the NilgiriHills. It is situated near the NilgiriHills and The Catherine Falls. It is a dream place for the writers and poets due to its abundant greenery, amazing sceneries which make them feel relaxed and inspired.

3. Devikulam

Its greenery sceneries, waterfalls, tea plantations are the most amazing places in Kerala. It is a place of religious importance as it has the mythical Sita Devi Lake which has a history and assumed that it was used by Goddess Sita for a bath.

The other breath taking places in Devikulam are the Palivasal Waterfalls, Thoovanam falls, etc.

4. Vagamon

It is the places far away from the city crowd. It is the quietest, silent place with the greenery and the scenery gift for the visitors. It is situated on the hills of the Idukki-Kottayam border. It is a place for the nature lovers and also for the people who are interested in Paragliding. It is little difficult to reach as it does not have many facilities for boarding.

The most important places to visit in Vagamon are Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary, Pine Hills, Kurisumala, Vagamon meadows, etc

5. Kemmanagundi, Karnataka

It is the home of the tallest peak of Karnataka. It has widespread views and scenes full of gardens. It is a perfect for the people who are looking for summer vacations, the nature lovers, and adventures trip. It is also good for trekking, nature walks, and picnic.

The places which should be visited are the Rock Garden. Z point, Hebbe Falls, Kalahasti falls, Bababudan hill town and the Shiva Temple.

6. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

It is the “Queen of the hill station” and the capital of Nilgiris, the most popular among the tourist destination and particularly since a honeymoon destination.

It has lofty mountains, dense forest, grasslands, and miles of tea gardens for tea plantations. It has the enjoyable weather throughout the year. IT is more visited by the people with the interest of photography, hand gliding, trekking, and mountain biking.

The most interesting places to visit are the Wax World Museum, Tea Museum, St. Stephen’s Church, Toy Train, Ooty Lake, Rose Gardens, Botanicals Gardens, etc.

7. PapiKondalu, Andhra Pradesh

It is among the most beautiful places in India. Its beauty is often compared to the beauty of Kashmir.

It has several ranges, and they are more admired with the waterfalls. It is the more suitable place for camping and trekking with family and friends.

The places to visit in PapiKondalu are PapiKondalu Hills, GandiPochamma Temple, Perantapalli Village, Jammalapuram Temple, etc.

These were the main hill stations of South India which should surely be visited by the people who need to spend quality time with their loved ones, family, and friends. A trip to hill station should be being planned to make unforgettable memories and also learn about the beauty of nature.

I am sure the given details will surely help you and provide appropriate information.


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