My Norway Wishlist: Things I Will Love To Experience When I Visit Norway


As a traveller, my first plan in the year 2018 is to draw an action plan of the countries I would love to visit this year. Europe is my first destination for this year, so I took my time to figure out the European country I should be travelling to..and yes! The first country that rang a bell is Norway.

Having little or no idea about the country (because I have never been there before), I took my time to research and get some useful information that will serve as a guide to Norway. After that, I have to write our my Norway wishlist for you to catch a glimpse of what I will experience after visiting the country. My review will even serve as a guide and give you more reasons why you should visit Norway too.

My Norway Wishlist: Things I Will Love To Experience When I Visit Norway

Before I proceed, I will like to let you know that Norway is not a budget destination. You have to get your bank account filled up before embarking on a trip to this European country. It is quite a big country, which occupies about 385,252 kilometres to be exact. The most popular cities are far from each other and the best of Norway is far from the cities, which attracts lots of expenses if you want to travel all around.

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If you are planning to travel to Norway just like me, and you want to make the most of it in terms of adventures and excitement, then maybe you can dig into my Norway wishlist as outlined below:

My Norway Wishlist

When I get to Norway, I will like to:

  1. Learn to ski
  2. Wear a  Brunad
  3. Bake Kinglekake
  4. Speak Norwegian…fluently
  5. Cruise the fjords on the west coast
  6. Stay in a winter cabin
  7. Stay in a summer cabin
  8. Hike up Bessegen
  9. Learn to cook fresh fish
  10. See the Northern Lights in Norway
  11. Ice fishing
  12. Visit Svalbard to see the polar bears and penguins
  13. Shake the hand of King Harald
  14. Travel on a Russ Bus
  15. Go to the Norwegian Wood festival
  16. Stand on the Pulpit Rock
  17. Visit Dyreparken

7 Outdoor Adventures I Will Like To Try in Norway

  1. Hit the road
  2. See the Northern lights in Norway
  3. Drive a Snowmobile in the North pole
  4. Watch the whales
  5. Hike in Glacier
  6. Ski in Lofoten
  7. Kayak in the Middle of the Fjords and Glaciers

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Top 10 Travel Destinations I Will Like To Visit in Norway

The travel destinations in drafted in my Norway wishlist are:

  1. The Lofoten Islands
  2. Bergen
  3. Tromsø
  4. The Svalbard Islands
  5. The Geirangerfjord
  6. Oslo
  7. Flåm
  8. The Stavanger region
  9. Trondheim
  10. The Ålesund and Sunnmøre area

Having drafted my Norway wishlist, I guess it is time to figure out a date to embark on my trip. And hey! If you care to join me maybe now or during vacation, you can as well use this whishlist og mine as guide. Norway is a beautiful country and you wil definitely enjoy your stay there.


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